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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Highland Games Round 3 Answers

1. At what fire feast did Claire go through the stones? Beltane, or near Beltane

2. While in Inverness Frank Randall catches up with the Rev. Wakefield who has a penchant for Jacobite history. Wakefield shows Frank a document that reveals what? That Jonathon Wolverton Randall was connected to/in the pocket of the Duke of Sandringham *cue “Secret Agent Man”* Indeed, there was proof, via dispatches that Randall was to dig up Jacobite supporters for Sandringham.I accepted secret agent, spy. I did not accept relative. Frank already knew Randall was his relative.

3. When does Claire realize Geilie is a traveler like she is? When she sees her vaccination scar at the witch trial in Crainsmuir. I think Claire had suspected it earlier, but it wasn’t confirmed until that moment. Claire had known for a while that Geilie really WAS a witch like her.

4. What name did Jamie Fraser use while at Castle Leoch, before he and Claire married? Jamie MacTavish

5. Name two possible reasons (of several) why Dougal wanted to see Jamie married? It was a way to keep Claire out of the hands of the English. Marrying a Scot made her nominally Scots and made it so he didn’t have to hand her over. A guaranteed way to make sure Jamie would never be the cheiftan of Clan Mackenzie – while a potential alternative after Column and Dougal before Hamish would be old enough. Clan members would never accept Jamie as chieftan if he married a Sassenach wench. A possible way to get Lallybroch back from the Frasers. Lallybroch sat on one of a few mountain passes, one that the Mackenzies didn’t want to give up, if Jamie died before having children, the land would go to Claire, and then Dougal, (he hoped) or another Mackenzie could marry her and keep the land. Otherwise it would go back to the Frasers. A test to see if Claire was a spy for the English. She’d likely run away rather than marry a young Scots.

6. Why did Claire panic when she went up to the church to marry Jamie Fraser? They were to be married at the same church that she and Frank were/would be married at.

7. Why do many members of Clan Mackenzie consider Jaime’s father, Brian, a silkie? No one knew who he was, and the woman who saw him in the back passage the night that Ellen Mackenzie ran away said he looked like a silkie, because of his Black Hair. As it turns out Fraser lands border near where the silkies, or seals live. Legend has it that silkies put aside their skins when they come ashore and walk like men. If you find a silkie’s skin and hid it, he or she cannot go back into the sea again, but must stay with you on land. Wisdom say’s it’s good to take a seal-wife because they are very good cooks, and devoted mothers. No word on the husbands, other than they have black shiny hair.

8. Why was Jamie afraid to go back to Lallybroch after he came back from the abby in France. He was ashamed that he wasn’t able to protect his sister Jenny. When he left, he was under the impression she had been raped by Randall and had a child by him. A fact enhanced by something Dougal told him. In truth it wasn’t the case. He was a wanted man and he didn’t want to risk his home place.

9. How does Geilie Duncan kill her husband? She tried to slowly poisoning him by “doctoring” his elixir with white arsenic, but it wasn’t killing him fast enough so she gave him a big dose of a “quick and deadly” poison, probably cyanide while eating at the feast for the Duke of Sandringhamp at Castle Leoch. While poison is correct, I need more specifics. In reality Mr. Duncan thought she was poisoning him so he wouldn’t eat anything she ate, but she added arsenic to his elixir but it wasn’t doing the job fast enough. When she was getting to the point she couldn’t hide the pregnancy (Dougal’s spawn) any longer she hurried the job up.

10. How would Claire describe her wardrobe when she walked through the stones the first time? How did the Mackenzie’s who rescued her from the English dragoons describe her clothes? (I’m looking for two answers) Claire describes her outfit as a thin peony sprigged spring dress and walking shoes. She also described it as “Something pretty and springy and bright after the dreariness of the war. The Mackenzie’s described her as wearing her shift Randall agreed she was in her shift, or otherwise dressed as a whore, but her shoes were too nice. Any self-respecting Beauchamp would have gotten this one right.

Some clan members have been having problems with their e-mails arriving in the swap inbox. I'm working on a solution. Until I come up with one, I'm going to post who's participated in each contest. So today, I'll let you know who's played the Highland Games to date. If you think there's a problem, let me know, either by swap e-mail or Ravelry PM (I'm knitmo). Eventually, I intend on posting the spreadsheet I've been using, in pdf format.

I have decided in the cases where the e-mail doesn't show up in the inbox, and if you can forward a copy of the e-mail from the "sent item" folder from your e-mail accounty proving correct e-mail address and time stamp, I'll give points for correct answers. I don't know how wide-spread of an issue this is.

When points are posted tomorrow, there will be some small modifications to make up for the errors.

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