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• The Fiery Cross Sign-up runs through March 1, 2011 [CLOSED]
• The Fiery Cross Clan Assignments & partners posted March 15, 2011
• Sporrans mailed by May 15, 2011

Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Final Voyager Challenge: Results

Good Sisters,

The Games have come to a close with this last challenge and the results are in. We had 17 of you participate, with three perfect scores. Braw job, lasses!  You have shown, by using your wit, skill and charm that you have what it takes to be a Highlander Lass in the 1700's.

The three perfect scores were from Brianna Beauchamp, Ceitidh Murray and Nemetona Beauchamp. You do your clans proud, lasses.

And the Winner is:  Ceitidh (Shaydy)

The lasses participating were:
  • Lady NorthFacing, Nemetona, Ealasaid, Morven, Muirne, Siusan, Imogene and Brianna from the Beauchamps
  • Nannag and Molly from from the Frasers
  • Ide, Seonag and Ceili from the MacKenzies
  • Ceitidh, Joan, Marsali and Zella from the Murrays.

If you sent something in and dinna see your name, please let us know so we can figure out what happened.

Special Awards and Accolades: 
  • Early Bird goes to Ceitidh of Clan Murray
  • Sneaker goes to Zella of Clan Murray (11:54 pm on 12/2)
  • Nannag and Nemetona get special accolades for their cache of weaponry:  Nannag uses an Ink bottle and a List of words, while Nemetona used Cold, Lips, Anvil and Irons. I believe Nannag would be our school teacher. Nemetona could be our Special Task Force Interrogator?

Reading over the "Category" responses was the most entertaining of all of the challenges we have seen.

Clan Results:
Beauchamp: 42
Fraser: 7
MacKenzie: 8
Murray: 24 + 1 + 1 = 26 (Early Bird and Sneaker)

Clan Standings:
Beauchamp: 490
Fraser: 205
MacKenzie: 205
Murray: 338

We would like to thank all of the lasses who participated in the challenges. The challenges keep us coming back to the swap and We think they keep us more involved and help us know each other a bit better.

Respectfully submitted,

Mordag Murray, Kellan MacKenzie, Fiona Fraser, and Eilis Beauchamp

Final Voyager Challenge: Results are in!


The final Chieftess' challenge is done and the results are in. We had 17 lasses participate ~ Clan Beauchamp: Brianna, Ealasaid, Imogen, Lady North Facing, Moren, Muirne, Nemetona and Siusan. From Fraser we had Molly and Nannag. From MacKenzie: Annaed, Ceili and Seonag and from Murray we had: Ceitidh, Joan, Marsali and Zella.

From some of the answers given, I can tell that many of you had a wee bit of fun with the first part. But...Lasses, now it is time for Imogen, Lady North Facing, Siusan, Morven, Molly, Ceili, Seonag, Marsali to thunk yourself (gently) on the forehead and say "'Oh, Claire was in this book!" So, without further ado, here are the answers to Categories:

CATEGORIES  C ~ L ~ A ~ I ~ R ~ E

cask of spirits,  Longboat,  Artemis,  Rowboat, Queen Elizabeth

C:Claire, Cameron, Charles Stewart, Colum, General Cope, Yi Ten Cho 
L: Lawrence, Laoghaire, Laird, Lindsay brothers
A: Joe Abernathy, Alexander, Captain Allesandro
I: Ian, Duncan Innes, Midwife Innes
R: Roger, Frank Randall, (Brianna, Claire BJ), Rabbe
E: Ewan Cameran, Lord Ellesmere, Ellen, Excisemen, Edwin Murray

C: Cutlass, Cannon
L: Long gun, lancet, lips
A: Arrows, anvil
I: Ink bottle, infection, irons
R: rifle
E: Edge

C: Carryarrick, Culloden, Carfax Close, Carribean
L: Leanach Farmhouse, Lallybroch, Lake District
A: Ardsmuir, America, Abandawe, Aberdeen
I: Inverness, Windward Isles
R: Royal Mile, Rose Hall
E: Edinburgh, England, Eleuthera

C: Chamomile, Comfrey, citris, creeper
L: lemons, lily of the valley, lavender, lime
A: anise, aconite, angelica, milk thistle (didn't see an A...how about Asteraceae)
I: Ipecac, ivy
R: rosehips, rosemary, rose, raspberry vines
E: elecampane, elettaria cardamomum,

First one (corrected one posted on Rav board)

Second One

Third one


  • Ye know, I seldom wanted to go home to Laoghaire and yet at least when I did I'd find her where I'd left her.

  • By the smell of it, he's put at least a full bottle o'the sherry in it. A verra intemperate race the Irish.

  • Aye, ye can come! Only do me the one wee favor Sassenach, try verra hard not to be killed or cut to pieces, aye? It's hard on a man's sensibilities.

Lasses, I hope you had as much fun doing these challenges as I had putting them together. I would like everyone's input for the next swap, whether or not you have played games in the past or will in the future. I will start a post in "Voyager Games' thread and ask what type of games you would like to see in the future. I will try to create games that the majority of you want to play, if they can be created, but I do need your input.

Respectfully submitted,

Mordag Murray

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beauchamp Voyager Challenge Answers and Results


1. Uttered thrice, yet three times a charm
“I want him still.” At Marsali and Fergus wedding, Claire reflects that although she had not said said that to Jamie at their wedding, she had said it three times since: in two moments of choice at Craig na Dun, and once again at Lallybroch.

2. Although “given” to Claire, Jamie uses this moniker more than she does.

Sassenach, Jamie's pet nickname for Claire

3. This "bruise of a witch” caused such an “uproar” that proved much “ado” about something.

The "black and blue" ship Bruja (Spanish for witch), whose taking of Ian caused such a brouhaha (which means an uproar, an ado) that set off the hubbub that followed in this section of the book. Although we know Geilis as the white witch, it was not known in this part of the book that she was responsible the for the brouhaha that followed Ian's kidnapping.

4. Once lost never to be found, always reminds its been around

Innes' amputated arm, Murphy's leg, or Fergus' hand

5. Initially a timeless “hand-fast,” these misty two can be traced to the heart of the story

The letters J and C, first carved by Jamie and Claire into each other's hands before Claire crosses over time back to the 20th century, as a permanent reminder of their marriage contract. It is these initials that are traced by Claire on a misty window pane before they depart on the Artemis. Also accepted, Jamie and Claire as the pair represented by the intials who as we know, are the heart of this story.

6. Good intentions paved the way to this Hell for our dynamic duo

Celibacy! Jamie's good intentions to give Marsali a chance to think over her marrying Fergus lead to the "hell" of celibacy and longing for Jamie and Claire (and also Marsali and Fergus!)

7. This joy, much admired in its expression, was almost lost in its possession

Mr. Willoughby's love of Women, that "Second Wife saw and loved in my words. Yet in desiring to possess me--and my poems--she would have forever destroyed what she admired." Thanks to Nannag for the quote.

8. Remembered with much “porpoise,” and none too lightly to be foresworn

The Hippocratic Oath, recited by Claire from memory when trying to explain to Jamie why he had to let her go aboard the Porpoise to aid those stricken with typhoid fever. Also accepted: Clarence Marylebone, Duke of Sandringham was in possession of many 'porpoise' coins. Meyer was foresworn from revealing the owner, but because the original owner was dead for 20 years, no longer felt the obligation of keeping the secret (thanks to Mordag because I didn't even make this connection)

9. In for a penny, in for a “pound,” his future cut short when his time came 'round.

Young Elias Pound, who is one of the last victims of typhoid fever aboard the HMS Porpoise

10. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for these.

The bells of the drowned churches of Port Royal toll for the 'damned [sodomitic] pirates.' Also accepted, the tolling of the bells to signify when things must be done, as when Captain Leonard hears the "ting of the ship's bell" and it reminded him it was time to take the ship's position. .

11. Picture represents Claire's bribe to Murphy of various herbs: cardamom, nutmeg, extract of anise, ginger root, vanilla beans from Ceylon

12. Picture represents the parritch prescribed to Duncan Innes as a cure for blocked lower sigmoid colon. Also accepted, the parritch eaten by Jamie but missed by Jamie's Scottish men on the Artemis

13. Picture represents Claire's motherly advice to Bree, which was too "stand up straight and don't get fat." Also accepted, Mother Hildegarde, who, even at 83, still has beautiful posture.

We Beauchamps hope you enjoyed the challenge. There were 15 souls who answered the call, two of whom had perfect scores. The Lasses who answered the Beauchamp challenge were:
  • Fraser: Nannag, Lileas, Molly, and Camille
  • MacKenzie: Ide, Ceili,Catriona, Kinley, Aislinn, and Mrs Fitz
  • Murray: Mordag, Mary, Morrigan, Mona, and Zella
If ye sent something in and dinna see yer name, please let me know.

Perfect scores were received from: Nannag Fraser and Mordag Murray. Ye do yer clans proud!
[Kellan's camera is absent without leave, thus no pictures, but the bairns did draw one lucky name out of the hand knit felted cloche.]
And the winner is: Mordag Murray

Special Awards go to:
  • Mordag of Clan Murray is our Early Bird (1 point)
  • Kinley of Clan Mackenzie is our Sneaker (11:59 pm with one minute to spare)(1 point)
  • The One-for-One Award goes to Lilieas: She submitted only one answer and got it right.
  • The "Can you hear me now" Award goes to Nannag and Zella. Both sent in four e-mails each, just to make sure we got their submissions.
  • Foiler awards go to Mordag and Nannag who both kept the Beauchamps from getting 5 points this round by earning a perfect score for their clans!
The Scores:

Beauchamp ~ 0 [exempt from play]
Fraser ~ 16 points
MacKenzie ~ 27 points + 1 point (sneaker) = 28 points
Murray ~ 21 points + 1 point (early bird) + 5 points (Mordag winning) = 27 points

Current Standings:
Beauchamp: 448
Fraser: 198
Mackenzie: 197
Murray: 312

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Final Challenge

As we await the arrivals of our sporrans and the opportunity to ooh and aah over what everyone received, please take a gander at our final challenge in the highlander games.

Since there was a wee delay in getting this posted, we're giving you a week to complete this challenge. It needs to be completed by Midnight (EST) Dec. 2. By then we hope to be able to announce a winner and that everyone's sporrans will have been received. As always, send you answers, your swap name, rav name and clan to highlandergames@ymail.com. Please put Final Challenge in the subject line.

Like the Murray challenge, there are several charts and boxes (but not as lengthy).
The challenge can be found here:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Murray Answers and Winners!

1. It's no that easy to be his Da; best ye go and find that out now, aye?

2. To say I love you and mean it with all my heart.

3. If you aren't at death's door when I get there, you'll live to regret it!

4. I should know you from another woman, and ye havena got your name stitched upon your bosom.

5. Weel, the lady's chief desire as stated is to see ye castrated and disemboweled in the market square at Broch Mordha, and your head mounted on a stake over her gate.

6. I can tell a hawk from a handsaw when the wind sets North by Nor'west and a sweet, plump lassive from a salt-cured ham too, appearances notwithstanding.

7. I wouldna have done it - left the prison I mean - had I not still thought it maybe had something to do wi' you, Sassenach.

8. I thought ye stuck pins in ill-wish dolls when ye mean to witch someone; not in the people themselves.

9. I suppose it's best we give him his freedom while he still thinks it's ours to give.
10. I could feel the earth turn beneath me, and my own breath coming wi' the breathing of the wind. It was as though I had no skin nor bone, but only the light of the rising sun inside me.
Most of you lasses said the puzzles looked harder than they were and one brave lass dinna use her book at all.~Mordag

The Results!
I did not weight the scores this week. Beauchamps threw that Bell curve out the window! Thanks for posting.
We had so many of ye particpating that it will take a bit for me to get all the scores together. We Murrays hope you had fun answering our challenge. 23 of you sent in a response to our challenge, 11 of them perfect scores!
The Lasses who answered our challenge this week were:
Beauchamp: Eilis, Nemetona, Muirne, Isobel, Lady North Facing, Ealasaid, Elspeth,Brianna, Caroline, Imogene, Morven, and Suisan
Fraser: Nannag, Lileas, Fionna, Camille and Sassenach
MacKenzie: Ide, Kellan, Siobhan, Seonag, Ceili and Mrs Fitz
If ye sent something in and dinna see yer name, please let me know.
Perfect scores were received from: (Beauchamp) Eilis, Nemetona, Muirne, Isobel, Brianna, Caroline, Imogene, Morven, (Fraser) Nannag, Lileas and (MacKenzie) Ide. Ye do yer clans proud!

And the winner is .... Nannag of Clan Fraser

Special Awards go to:
Imogene of Clan Beauchamp is our Early Bird (1 point)
Fiona of Clan Fraser is our Sneaker (11:59 pm on 11/13 - your lucky day)(1 point)
Over Achiever award goes to: Caroline and Eilis of Clan Beauchamp (plaid ribbons in the Murray plaid) for completing all of the puzzles
and Ide of Clan MacKenzie gets the Foiler award. She kept the Murrays from getting 5 points this round by earning a perfect score for her clan! (another Murray plaid ribbon)

The Results:
Beauchamp ~ 98 + 1 (Early Bird) = 99 points
Fraser ~ 34 +1 (sneaker) + 5 (Nannag winning) = 35 points
MacKenzie ~ 20 points
Murray ~ 0 points.

The Standings:
Beauchamp: 448
Fraser: 182
Mackenzie: 169
Murray: 285

Special thanks go to Joan and Ceitdh for their hard work in creating the challenge this week and to Marsali for taking charge of the Clan Prize.

Respectfully submitted,
Mordag of Clan Murray

Scores after Mackenzie's Challenge

Lasses, there were 31 responses sent in for the Mackenzie Challenge. Braw job!

Perfect scores:


Murray: Shaydy, Mordag, Zella, and Marsali

Beauchamp:Lady Northfacing, Eilis, Brianna, Elspeth, Isobel

Winner of the Mackenzie Challenge -- picked by Kellan's healthy twins:

Congratulations to Shaydy. You've earned 5 extra points for the Murray Clan.

Fraser Clan Participants: Phaedra, Camille, Nannag, Sassenach, Lileas, Fiona, Cluxewe, Molly, Jocasta
Murray Clan Participants: Shaydy, Mordag, Muirne, Zella, Mona, Latharna, Morrigan, Mary, Marsali, Eileen
Beauchamp Clan Participants: Lady Northfacing, Eilis, Brianna, Elspeth, Murine, Nemetona, Suisan, Imogen, Caroline, Morven, Ealasaid, Isobel

Beauchamps pulled ahead with the number of participants. There were 12 Beauchamps, 10 Murrays and nine Frasers. It was a tight game, for sure.

The scores:

Beauchamp: 110

Fraser:74 +1 (sneaker) = 75

MacKenzie: 0 -- because they wrote the Challenge, and were unable to prevent anyone from getting a perfect score.

Murray:77 +1 (early bird) +1 (sneaker) +5 (Shaydy's winning answers)= 84

Awards and Special Notice:

Early Bird: Shaydy of Clan Murray

Sneaker award goes to: A tie: Marsali Murray and Molly Fraser and once again Marsali. Marsali sent her answers in at 11:57 p.m., Molly submitted at 11:58 p.m. and Marsali, who had previously given up on finding "immoral papist" found it and resubmitted her answers at 11:59 p.m.

Solicitor in Training: Ide Mackenzie. She lobbied to award at least one point to the Mackenzies for having their challenge end on her birthday.

Close but not quite:
Murine Beauchamp who was so close with her answer: Spin silk out of my arse, which was her "favorite" response, even though it wasn't close enough.

Linguistic artist: Morven Beauchamp, who did a braw job in the challenge considering she was using a copy of Voyager in Norwegian. I am thoroughly impressed.

Clan Standings:

Beauchamp: 349
Fraser: 147
Mackenzie: 149
Murray: 285

Respectfully submitted,
Kellan Mackenzie

Mackenzie Ansers, finally

It seems like a long time ago you lasses completed the Mackenzie Challenge. In the meantime life at Kellan's life got quite busy and you lasses had to take second place. I am hoping to get everything rounded up and posted this evening.

Here are the answers.

1. A small rodent who makes a nasal-digit connection.
Wee Ratten

2. A derogatory comment directed to a man with an odd fetish, at least to the Scottish ladies of the night.
Neffit qurd

3. What you call your brother-in-law when he does some dumb rabbit-like thing -- like printing seditious pamphlets.
Harebrained fool

4. A favorite exclamation combining the holy trinity and an American president
Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ

5. A term of endearment.
mo nigheann donn

6. A thoroughly Scottish expression, lacking vowels.

7. Bosom

8. An unscrupulous Catholic

Immoral papist

9. One talented as Jamie in deception can complete this task usually left to arachnids.
Spin silk out of your arse

10. God's son, his mother and stepfather.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Voyager in a Nutshell

Our own Ceili Mackenzie wrote this lovely and, to quote Lilieas Fraser, a quite funny, bit of prose retelling the entire story of Voyager. Enjoy!

O’er Scottish Highlands, our tale be told…
A Voyage of lovers, an epic of old,
The heroine shocked, he was not dead!
In the Dunbonnet’s Cave he hid instead,
Then imprisoned to save his home and kin,
Mac Dubh found surprising kinship within.
As Ardsmuir men were scattered beyond,
For gold and for love, he was saved by Lord John…
By misadventure he fathered a boy,
And was given his freedom amid grief and joy.
To Brianna and Roger, the truth was unveiled,
And attraction between them could not be curtailed.
Claire must travel again through the stones…
She could do without baths and cars and phones.
On her daughter bestowed a teary goodbye,
She needed her man, and her man she would find.
Upon her arrival said man doth fainted,
She showed him some photos, they got reacquainted.
It is said Mr. Willoughby arrived on the scene,
Lead them both to a brothel where Jamie came clean…
Smuggling liquor is by nature risk-filled.
The print shop burns down, Ian almost is killed.
They all make their visit to Lallybroch…
Laoghaire is angry, and Jamie is shot!
Claire always the healer, comes to his aid,
But not before leaving, all stunned and dismayed.
With syringe, penicillin, and love spite it all,
Their marriage resumes, and a lawyer is called.
To the Silkies’ Isle to fish out the funds,
But Ian is captured, and now they must run!
A gather of men set sail on a ship,
A chase after pirates , the West Indes, a trip…
Fergus and daughter Marsali are wed,
Geillis gets freaky wi’ boys in her bed,
Claire taken by Porpoise, she battles typhoid,
Recognized in Jamaica, her man’s freedom is void,
In a short téte-a-téte Lord John speaks of William,
And they take Geillis down before she can kill Ian.
A shipwreck, adrift, the lovers reach unknown shore,
Where James and Claire Fraser share life evermore.

(c) 2009 Katie Kent

Beauchamp Challenge: Who or What Am I?

Come 'round all ye lovely sisters. Fàilt! We Beauchamps extend a hand of welcome. During the past month, you've deciphered curses, remembered a few quotes, uncrossed a few words, and unscrambled encrypted phrases. Can we tempt ye with a riddle or two? Use the following clues to identify the “who” or the “what” is meant by each riddle. All answers are found in Part 8: On the Water, of Voyager, where we daresay Claire might have enjoyed a laugh or two at the drawing above.

The deadline is Saturday, Nov. 21, at midnight, Eastern Time. As always:

  • Submit your answers to highlandergames@ymail.com
  • Include your Ravelry Name and Swap Name
  • List Beauchamp Challenge in the subject line
  • One point for each clue, with a maximum of 10 points.

  • Wishing ye much luck!

    ~ Eilis and the Beauchamp Sisters

    The Clues:
    1. Uttered thrice, yet each time a charm
    2. Although given to Claire, Jamie uses this moniker more than she does.
    3. This "bruise" of a “witch” caused such an “uproar” that proved much “ado” about something.
    4. Once lost, never to be found, yet reminds its been around
    5. "Initially" a timeless “hand-fast,” these "misty" two can be traced to the heart of the story
    6. Good intentions pave the way to this Hell for our dynamic duo
    7. This joy, much admired in its expression, was almost lost in its possession
    8. Remembered with much “Porpoise,” and none too lightly to be foresworn
    9. In for a penny, in for a “pound,” his future cut short when his time came 'round.
    10. Ask not for whom the bells toll, for they toll for these.
    For those who want an extra credit or two, try these visual clues on for size. Answer the WHO and the WHAT:




    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Murray Challenge

    OK, the technical challenges have been solved, I hope. Since the posting of this challenge has been delayed by almost 24 hours (well close enough for a full day for government work) we're giving you until midnight on Nov. 13 to complete this challenge. The Beauchamp challenge will be delayed one day, too. Since this challenge includes lots of charts and blogger doesn't like charts, I've posted the main instructions for the puzzle, and a link to open files (in a pdf format). If you have difficulties, contact Kellan (knitmo) at Ravelry and she'll help you out.


    Here's the PDF document. You can also click on it here or print it from what should be embeded below.

    Tis game night and the Murray Clan is inviting all of our Good-Sisters to join us at our campfire. But dinna fash yerselves. There are several games here, but you needna play them all. Some of the games are worth 2 points, some only one. The most you can get is 10 points.

    We love our Jamieisms, but Herself gives many others memorable quotes. The theme of our games tonight is quotes. Let’s see if you can solve a few of these. We ask only that you earn 10 points. The Quotagrams and the Cryptograms are worth 2 points each. The Quotefalls are worth 1 point each. You get to pick the puzzles that you like best. To submit your answer, you only need to send me the quote. Please have MURRAY in the subject line of your email, and kindly let me know which lass is submitting her challenge. Your answers should be sent to highlandergames@ymail.com

    To solve the quotagrams, solve each of the clues below the chart. Put the letter for each of those answers into corresponding box in the chart directly above it. Each word in the quote is separated by a solid box, so the third word on line one is 4 letters - the first two letters of the word are on line one, the last two begin line two.

    Murray Challenge 1

    Friday, November 6, 2009

    Murray Challenge

    Due to some technical issues on Kellan's end, the Murray Challenge will be delayed. As soon as I figure out what went wrong and why this isn't cooperating like it should, I will get it posted for everyone. We will extend the deadline to accommodate the technology failure on my part.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    Scores after Fraser Challenge

    Lasses, this week there were 31 responses sent in. Braw job!

    Perfect scores:

    Murray: Mordag, Zella, Muirne, Morrigan, Mona, Marsali, Mary, Joan

    Mackenzie: Ceili, Kinley, Kellan, Ide

    Beauchamp: Muirne, Caroline, Nemetona, Elspeth, Ealasaid, Eilis, Moven, Isobel

    Winner of the Fraser Challenge -- picked by Kellan's healthy twins:

    Congratulations to Kinley Mackenzie. You've earned 5 extra points for the Mackenizes.

    Clan Standings:

    Beauchamp: 239
    Fraser: 72
    Mackenzie: 144
    Murray: 201

    Murray Clan Participants: Ceitidh, Mordag, Zella, Muirne, Morrigan, Mona, Marsali, Mary, Angelique and Joan
    Mackenzie Clan Participants: Catrionia, Siobhan, Ceili, Kinley, Mrs. Fitz, Isabelle, Kellan, Leigh, and Ide
    Beauchamp Clan Participants: Muirne, Caroline, Brianna, Nemetona, Elspeth, Ealasaid, Eilis, Morven, Imogen, Leslie in the Springs/Lady North Facing, Isobel, Suisan

    Beauchamps pulled ahead with the number of participants. There were 12 Beauchamps, 10 Murrays and 9 Mackenzies.

    The scores:

    Beauchamp: 113

    Fraser: 0 -- because they wrote the Challenge, and were unable to prevent anyone from getting a perfect score

    MacKenzie: 61 +1 (Sneaker) +5 Kinley's winning name = 67

    Murray: 91 + 1 (Early Bird) = 92

    Awards and Special Notice:

    Early Bird goes to Ceitidh of Clan Murray

    Sneaker award goes to: Leigh of Clan Mackenzie. Her email was received at 11:52 p.m. on the deadline.

    Leslie in the Springs more formally known as Lady North Facing -- most wrong answers that ended up being marked right...clever lass! Marsali Murray -- who appreciates a good pair of plump, white partridges! ;)

    Respectfully submitted,

    Fiona Fraser

    Fraser Answers

    Lassies, I apologize for this taking so long to get posted. We've had a bit of the sickies going around our place. While Fiona had the information to me in a timely fashion, I unfortunately did not get it posted here in a timely fashion.

    There was amazing participation in the Fraser Challenge. There were 31 ladies who played this round of the games and practiced our map reading abilities.

    Without further ado, here are the answers to the Fraser Challenge

    2. Furey Street

    4. Loch Ness
    7. stable
    8. Spanish Main
    9. British Museum

    1. Watendlath Tarn

    3. Ellesmere
    5. Helwater
    6. Carribean

    I am feeling well enough, I will get the winning post made tonight.

    Friday, October 30, 2009

    Mackenzie Challenge

    Gaelic is a language that allows the user many opportunity to show his or her creativity. Gaelic speakers then translate that creativity when speaking English. Claire frequently comments on Jamie's mastery of the languages. Here's your chance to show yours. Note: Kellan offers no apologies for the horrible puns that have been committed in the creation of this challenge.

    Use the clues to identify the curse word or other colorful phrase. All answers are found in Section 6 of Voyager. The deadline is midnight Nov. 5, Eastern Time. As always submit your answers to highlandergames@ymail.com. Include your Ravelry Name, Swap name and list Mackenzie Challenge in the subject line.

    Example: A near sighted rodent might exclaim this when he is surprised in one of his tunnels

    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
    Answer: H O L E Y / M O L E Y

    1. A small rodent who makes a nasal-digit connection.
    ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

    2. A derogatory comment directed to a man with an odd fetish, at least to the Scottish ladies of the night.
    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___

    3. What you call your brother-in-law when he does some dumb rabbit-like thing -- like printing seditious pamphlets.

    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___

    4. A favorite exclamation combining the holy trinity and an American president
    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ . / ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

    5. A term of endearment.
    ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___

    6. A thoroughly Scottish expression, lacking vowels.
    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

    7. Bosom
    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

    8. An unscrupulous Catholic
    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

    9. One talented as Jamie in deception can complete this task usually left to arachnids.
    ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___

    10. God's son, his mother and stepfather.
    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ / ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

    Best of luck,
    ~Kellan and the Mackenzie lassies

    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    The Score

    Lasses, this week there were 36 responses sent in out of a possible 51. That is 71%. Braw job! There were no perfect scores, so we will take the ones with 1 incorrect score. We had one lass from each clan ~ Beauchamp's representative is Elsbeth, Camille from Clan Fraser, Ceili from MacKenzie and Shaydy from Murray. Ye do yer clans proud, lasses!

    Clan Standings:

    Beauchamp ~ 10 participants are: Lady NF, Ealasaid, Nemetona, Muirne, Isobel, Brianna, Elspeth, Imogene, Morven and Suisan

    Fraser ~ 9 participants are Camille, Nannag, Morgana, Margaret Simpson, Molly, Sassenach, Phaedra, Lileas and Bourgogne.

    MacKenzie ~ 7 participants are Siobhan, Kinley, Leigh, Catriona Duncan, Ceili, Ide, Isabelle

    Murray ~ 10 participants are: Ceitidh, Morrigan, Latharna, Catriona Anderson, Joan, Marsali, Mary, Mona, Eileen and Zella

    Beauchamp and Murray are once again tied for participation, but Fraser and MacKenzie were verra close.

    The scores:

    Beauchamp: 50 + 5 = 55 (Winner)

    Fraser: 43

    MacKenzie: 28 + 1 = 29 (Early Bird)

    Murray: 40 + 1 = 41 (Sneaker)

    Awards and Special Notice:

    Early Bird goes to Siobhan of Clan MacKenzie.

    Sneaker award goes to: Joan of Clan Murray. Her email was received at 11:57 pm on October 19th.

    Elspeth of Beauchamp had her name drawn out of the hand-knit felted cloche by Kellan's lad, Ian. He stopped reading "The Best Storybook Ever" to do the deed.

    Honorary mention goes to Nemetona of Clan Beauchamp as our Cross Clanswoman. She was Sly as a MacKenzie, but cute with it. She didn't send in an obvious link to correspond with her answers, but explained away, in true Scots style, a tale to link them and had me believing that was what I was asking for. For M. Voltaire, she assured me that as a special dinner guest he needed a special place mat out of fine french linen so she linked a pattern. For Devil's Cauldron I was totally convinced that 'Boil, boil, toil and trouble' coupled with 'this one is all wet' needed a recipe for soup from 'What Soup is bubbling at the Cauldron'. Boil = bubbling, toil - well, if you are making soup it is a toil, wet = soup is wet and it is in a cauldron. I wanted to mark everyone else who didn't send these links as wrong!

    We have another honorary mention. Claire's Glass Face. This would be Imogen of Clan Beauchamp. She had to confess that she didn't pose her response as a question. Some people are unable to lie. (Imogen - we love Claire. You have her face...you got your point!)

    Respectfully submitted,


    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Fraser Challenge

    This is a tale that roams near and far in both space and time...therefore ye will search through hundreds of years to find the answers ye seek. They will all be places -- proper names some, but not all. The tenth question is one that will necessitate the other 9 being answered. Ye must fill in all the answers in the crossword.

    EDITED TO ADD on 10.25.09:

    Question 10 is the act of filling in all the answers into the crossword. Ye must send the answers to the 9 clues to the highlandergames ymail address with fraser or crossword in the subject line.

    If you mis-spell anything, that would make #10 wrong, as it wouldn't work in the crossword.

    The due date is October 28th. Send to highlandergames@ymail.com. Put Fraser Challenge in the subject line. Note, this should be the same address you ALWAYS send the challenge to.

    Two-worded answers will have a space in the puzzle to separate the words (in fact, only 4 of the answers are ONE word!).

    Sample Clue: The "road" to Jamie Answer: Craigh Na Dun Crossword: would show 13 empty spaces

    Luck be with ye, sisters, we hope this quiz be much fun and little stress on ye, and ye enjoy your tromp back through the book for the answers...

    ~Ladies of Clan Frasers

    Note: This game is for all Lassies in Beauchamp, Murray and Mackenzie clans.


    2. Trains, planes & automobiles...where was Claire headed?

    4. Where Claire shares a memory of a ancient soul with Roger

    7. Bess & Blossom roomed with Jamie in here

    8. On what sea were they when those fine, white, plump partridges leapt out of their concealment?

    9. Brianna's "whoop" necessitated their hasty departure from where?


    1. "O Lucifer, thou son of the morning" ...where were they?

    3. Where, on a stormy night, one life is lost, as another is saved.

    5. Drink of the damned

    6. "the posterior zygapophysys had broken clean off" ...where did it happen?

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009


    Twas a difficult challenge this week but ye did well. Each question was answered correctly, more than once. I pulled all of the questions out of Chapter 10, hoping to make things a wee bit easier.

    As to the part B - well, we needed to find a link in Rav, outside of Outlander, that had Voltaire, coney (or rabbit), Heloise, devil or cauldron, and Agustus. It could have been the name of a pattern, part of a forum conversation, the name of a project, the name of a company. Even a different spelling was acceptable.

    For 1b, I even accepted a place mat pattern as Voltaire was a dinner guest. These answers were varied and clever, and too numerous to mention all of them.

    1. Who is Monsieur Voltaire? (pg. 124 Jamie: ...I was privileged to entertain Voltaire at my table...He seldom said anything at all, let alone much sparkling with wit.)

    2. What is a coney? (pg 131 LJG: what is it that caused you to leave...and seek congress with the coneys on the moor? There is a belief that if the first words out of your mouth on the 1st day of the month is Rabbit Rabbit ~ or ~ Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit your entire month will be filled with good luck.

    3. What is Nouvelle Heloise? (pg123 Helloise was the go-to person for household hints pre Martha Stewart. I believe Hints from Helloise was given to many brides at bridal showers.)

    4. What is Devil’s Cauldron? (pg 115: They call this spot the Devil's Cauldron because of the way it boils all the time. pg 134: ye'll maybe have heard of a place called the Devil's Cauldron. One of these references is in chapter 9, the other in 10.)

    5. Who is Agustus? (pg 125: destined for the supper of the cat Agustus. Agustus was also the first Emperor of Rome. )

    Thank ye kindly fer all yer hard work this week. It has paid off.
    Respectfully submitted,
    Mordag Murray

    Sunday, October 18, 2009

    Round One Scores

    I would like to thank everyone who submitted responses for the first challenge. Out of a possible 51 entries, we received 39 answers which is 76%. Ye've all done a bonny job and your chieftesses are so proud of ye!

    Beauchamp - 6 perfect scores: Nemetona, Ealasaid, Morven, Muirne, Isobel and Brianna. 5 additional challenges received from Lady North Facing, Elsbeth, Siusan, Haze and Caroline.
    Fraser - Perfect scores received from Nannag and Camille. Entries also received from: Morgana, Jocasta, Molly, Phaedra, Sassenach and Margaret Simpson.
    MacKenzie- 6 perfect scores from: Kinley, Siobhan, Ide, Seonag, Catriona Duncan and Madeleine. Three additional entries from: Leigh, Aislinn and Ceili.
    Murray also sent in 11 responses: perfect scores from Ceitidh, Catriona, Joan, Marsala and Mary. Additional responses from: Mona, Eileen, Angelique, Latharna, Morrigan and Muirne.

    Kellan's minions, who usually draw the name out of the hand-knit felted cloche, are sick. Therefore, I did not have them pick the winners from among those with perfect scores. I drew the name out, and the winner is Catriona Murray. Catriona earns five additional points for her clan.

    Clan Standings:
    Beauchamp: 70 + 1 = 71
    Murray: 61 + 2 + 5= 68
    MacKenzie: 47 + 1 + 48
    Fraser: 29
    Extra points earned for their respective clans:
    Siobhan was our Early Bird. Answers received at: 1:02 pm on Wednesday (11/7)
    Ealasaid earned the Bold Scot award. She remarked on Frank's nakedness..
    Muirne of Clan Murray earned the Wise Woman award. She was the first to use THE SIGHT to divine one of the answers. (She didn't know the quote, but correctly divined who said it.)
    Our Sneaker Award goes to Mona of Clan Murray. She submitted her answers at 11:53 PM on the last day, just 7 minutes before the deadline.

    Note on how scores were tallied:
    When totalling up the scores, we did something a little different. We polled everyone in the beginning, asking if they were going to participate. Taking each of the yesses from each clan and taking away the chieftesses (we were not allowed to play in this round) Beachamp, MacKenzie and Murray each had 13 eligible players. Fraser had 12. I added up the total score for the games for each clan, multiplied it by # of entries and then divided by the # of eligible players and rounded to the nearest number. Then I added in Sneaker, Early Bird, etc.

    ~Mordag and Kellan

    Friday, October 16, 2009

    Crypto Answers

    The Answers
    1a) "Gc'ic lticd hc hg owhc, hg ytuc, edr hg bwd. Ftyy gc dw ycn hc lt' gc notb bheyy notdl td xcnqxd?"

    "Ye've given me my home, my life, and my son. Will ye no let me gi' ye this small thing in return?"

    1b) Who said it and to whom or about what?Said to Jamie by Mary McNab . She was offering up the comfort of her body on the eve of him offering himself up for the families at Lallybroch.

    I had a typo here. lt should have been lt'c as in gi' should have been gi'e. My mistake - I accepted both gi' and gi'e as both answers were submitted.~Mordag

    2a) "Di Sieabzqydi nl nqs jlis, qs klfaw tdnqst adx kdnst lfn lm nqs nlbasn nqdi wtbir nsd ydws mtly nsd jdez."

    "An Englishman to the bone, he would rather lap water out of the toilet than drink tea made from teabags."

    2b) Who said it and to whom or about what? Claire said that about Frank. This was a general narration part of the book. I would have accepted Claire or even DG as the who said. Just before this point in the book, Claire was telling Roger about her life when she returned. I also accepted Claire told this to Roger.

    3a) "Emc, W zcvenn. Tc xzsawycd gs uwnn ac. W pwiie awip wk msr ps wg ksz twa."

    "Aye, I recall. He promised to kill me. I dinna mind if you do it for him."

    3b) Who said it and to whom or about whom/what? Said by Jamie to Lord Melton . Lord John Gray promised to kill Jamie if they met again.

    4a) "Drf benx kvjm jmo Nbdri yttvno, yu mdqo fye hoor jyy heif abdfvrc lycihylf tyu Tvyrd?"

    "Any luck with the Clan's office, or have you been too busy playing dogsbody for Fiona?"

    4b) Who said it and to whom or about what?Said to Brianna by Roger about Bri running errands for Fiona.

    5a) "Rgy of eaty na fattap gym pjofxqtf. Ayq aw njq uzgscqf aw Gmgr."

    "Man is born to sorry and whiskers. One of the plagues of Adam."

    5b) Who said it and to whom or about what?Said by Jamie to Fergus, Young Jamie and Rabbie McNab about shaving.

    Lassies, the scores have been tabulated. My 3-year-olds will be drawing from the hand-knit felted cloche tonight, and I will get the results posted either tonight (Friday, Oct. 16 or sometime on Saturday, Oct. 17 -- most likely during nap time). ~Kellan

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009


    Lasses, ye did a braw job wi' the crypto. This is a combo of Jeopardy and Scavenger Hunt. Solve the clue and pose it in the form of a question, just like Jeopardy. Then ‘find’ in Ravelry, something which represents the answer. But ye canna find it in any of the post from the Outlander Fans Groups. 1 point will be awarded for each.
    There is more than one possible answer for the B part to each of the 5 questions, but only one for the A part. The answers for this round of the games sponsored by the Chieftesses can be found in Section 3 of Voyager.

    Example: Da cannibal is da friend or da foe.
    a) Who is Robinson Crusoe?
    b) http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/television-knitters/407523

    1a. Once a guest during better times, his words were seldom spoken.
    1b. the Rav link

    2a. Is today the first? Lucky you! Call to me. Call to me on the Moor, but sometimes I'm an island.
    2b. rav link

    3a. What’s a bride to do? Here’s a hint…it’s in the book.
    3b. rav link

    4a. Boil, boil, toil and trouble. This one is all wet.
    4b. rav link

    5a. As the ‘first’ cat, I was named after another important ‘first’.
    5b. rav link.

    When ye solve the challenge, send it to highlandergames@ymail.com by midnight EST Monday, Oct. 19. Please put Jeopardy in the subject line. Also include your clan name (my name is Mordag), which clan you are from (I am from Clan Murray), and your rav name (I am abitknottie) so I can give ye the proper credit. Ye'll be gettin' 1 point for solving each of the clue and 1 point for the related rav link. If you are unable to solve any of the cryptos, but drop me a note saying that, ye'll still get a participation point.

    Good luck, lasses!

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Schedule of Events

    The Highland Games have been a bit slow to start and I blame the shiny black book most of us have recently acquired. The chieftesses have gathered the information regarding the Highland Games and which section each clan will be responsible for.

    Chieftesses #1 Oct 6-11
    Part 1: Battles, and the Loves of Men, chapters 1-3 (36 pp)
    Part 2: Lallybroch, chapters 4-6 (34 pp)

    Chieftesses #2 Oct 14-19
    Part 3: When I am Thy Captive, chapters 7-13 (81 pp)

    Frasers Oct 22-27
    Part 4: The Lake District, chapters 14-17 (45 pp)
    Part 5: You Can’t Go Home Again, chapters 18-23 (38 pp)

    Mackenzies Oct 30-Nov 4
    Part 6: Edinburgh, chapters 24-31 (143 pp)

    Murrays Nov 6-11
    Part 7: Home Again, chapters 32-39 (102 pp)

    Beauchamps Nov 13-18
    Part 8: On the Water, chapters 40-52 (178 pp)

    Chieftesses #3 Nov 20-25
    Part 9: World’s Unknown, chapters 53-63 (192 pp)

    Each clan is responsible for writing the challenge and sending it to Kellan/knitmo for her to post on the blog. After the challenge is complete, the clan score the results, send answers and the results to Kellan/knitmo for the winner's name to be drawn and posted on the blog.

    Best of luck Lassies, and enjoy plotting your round of the games.

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    Highland Games Round 1: Crypto

    Lasses, The first challenge will be a challenge of wits. Ye need to solve each of the crypto quotes, and tell us who said them and either to whom or about whom were they said. Each of the quotes has a different key to solve them, which is different from the sample.


    Key: A=G, B=M, D=E, E=I, F=N, G=L, H=F, I=K, L=A, M=J, O=B, R=C, S=H, T=D

    Sample Solution:
    part 1 - solve crypto:
    "Lord, that she might be safe."
    part 2 - who said it and to whom or about whom:
    Jamie said it. In prayer to God, or Lord (both acceptable) or about Claire.

    Here ye go, lasses:

    1a) "Gc'ic lticd hc hg owhc, hg ytuc, edr hg bwd. Ftyy gc dw ycn hc lt' gc notb bheyy notdl td xcnqxd?"

    1b) Who said it and to whom or about what?

    2a) "Di Sieabzqydi nl nqs jlis, qs klfaw tdnqst adx kdnst lfn lm nqs nlbasn nqdi wtbir nsd ydws mtly nsd jdez."

    2b) Who said it and to whom or about what?

    3a) "Emc, W zcvenn. Tc xzsawycd gs uwnn ac. W pwiie awip wk msr ps wg ksz twa."

    3b) Who said it and to whom or about whom/what?

    4a) "Drf benx kvjm jmo Nbdri yttvno, yu mdqo fye hoor jyy heif abdfvrc lycihylf tyu Tvyrd?"

    4b) Who said it and to whom or about what?

    5a) "Rgy of eaty na fattap gym pjofxqtf. Ayq aw njq uzgscqf aw Gmgr."

    5b) Who said it and to whom or about what?

    When ye solve the challenge, send it to highlandergames@ymail.com by this Sunday at midnight EST. (10/11) Please put Crypto in the subject line. Also include your clan name (my name is Mordag), which clan you are from (I am from Clan Murray), and your rav name (I am abitknottie) so I can give ye the proper credit. Ye'll be gettin' 1 point for solving each of the cryptos and 1 point for solving the second part of each challenge as well. If you are unable to solve any of the cryptos, but drop me a note saying that, ye'll still get a participation point.

    Good luck, lasses!


    Voyager Highland Games Quiz Rules

    • All questions come from "Voyager" by Diana Gabaldon.
    • Each quiz is open book.
    • Each participant competes individually, but benefits the entire clan.
    • Every correct answer earns one point.
    • The participant with the most points wins. One winner will be selected each week.
    • All points participants earn are added to their clan total and used to determine the ultimate winner of the Highland Games.
    • One point will be awarded per person who participates in the games, and that includes an e-mail that says I don't know the answers to any of these.
    • In the case of a tie, the winner will be drawn at random. One name per contest will be chosen out of a hand-knit, felted cloche by one of Kellan Mackenzie's 3-year-old twins to break the tie.
    • Kellan Mackenzie (knitmo) will work to solve all conflicts regarding the Highland Games with the chieftess or other designated member of the clan that created the game.
    • Weekly winners will earn an additional five points for their clan. Those who tie with the most correct answers will earn an additional two points for their clan. They will receive a prize from the clan that developed the challenge.
    • Highland Game Quizzes, answers and winners will be posted at http://outlandishswap.blogspot.com/
    • Answers must be e-mailed to highlandergames@ymail.com
    • Each week you must include the key word identifying the contest (for example Crypto) in the subject line of your e-mail. You must include your Swap name (in my case Kellan) my Ravelry name (knitmo) and my clan (Mackenzie). It will make it easier to match e-mails and answers up and tally points.
    • Each contest begins at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday and ends 10 days later at 11:59 p.m. The first Contest begins on Tuesday, Oct. 6 and ends Sunday, Oct. 11.
    • One prize will be awarded to the clan that receives the most points at the end of the swap/highland games.
    • Games are not mandatory, but do enhance the experience and allow people to get to know each other. Participate at a level you feel comfortable.
    • The Highland Games will extend past the November deadline; this is to keep people interested in the swap while the last few packages arrive.

    Specific Voyager Rules

    • Voyager is divided into seven parts. Each clan will develop a game, contest, quiz or challenge based on their assigned section of the book. It should be worth 10 points. Kellan will update with specific dates for each clan. The Chieftesses will sponsor the first two rounds of the games followed by the Frasers, Mackenzies, Murrays and Beauchamps. The final round the Chieftesses will sponsor.
    • Each clan is responsible for developing the contest, collecting everyone's answers from the e-mail, correcting them and sending the results to Kellan Mackenzie via Ravelry pm or e-mail [which is accessible to chieftesses] by the deadline.
    • Each clan must provide instructions and an example for the challenge that they develop.
    • This hopefully will clear up any confusion in the games and make things run more smoothly.
    • Each clan must provide the contest answers, and accepted answers, each participant's score, the winner (and time they submitted answers) of the early bird and sneaker. We would like to continue the tradition of including one or two other creative awards based on each individual contest, and an explanation of why it was awarded.
    • Challenges must be submitted to Kellan Mackenzie one day before contest is set to begin; so that she can make sure it is posted and will appear on time.
    • If your clan is responsible for developing the game, you will not participate. Everyone is sitting out the same amount.
    • The clan writing the game must provide a prize to the winner for that round.
    • If a clan writes a challenge so difficult that no one gets a perfect score in the other clans, they will receive five points. For example: If the Murrays write a challenge and no one from Beauchamp gets a 100 percent, then the Murrays get 5 points. The maximum number of points that can be awarded to the clan writing the challenge is 30, and that's if no one in the games gets a 100 percent.

    Thursday, June 18, 2009

    Swap Evaluation

    As we finalize the Dragonfly in Amber Outlandish Swap, the chieftesses would like all swap participants to take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey. Results will be used to improve future swaps. It should take about five minutes. (Click the link to follow the survey).


    Thanks for you for your participation in the Dragonfly in Amber Outlandish Swap and the survey.
    Eilis, Mordag, Fiona, Kellan

    P.S. I'll be posting the link to the survey in several locations, in hopes of catching everyone's attention. You only need to complete it once.

    Sunday, May 3, 2009

    The Winners!

    A total of 23 of our lasses sent in their guesses. Of that there were 16 who got a perfect score. They were: Morven (BessE), Muirne (bwarnergroup) and (knittingalone), Nemetona (tandemsandy) of Clan Beauchamp; and Nannag (LCBraun) and Lileas (knitswithisis) of Clan Fraser; Ide (Annaed), Lachlan (krobin), Seonag (cursedgreenswter), Kinley (Rhenbo), Ceili (theknittingmama), Catronia Duncan (neila), and Isabelle (Emersch) of Clan Mackenzie and Morrigan (mainefan1), Marsali (mommaowie), Joan (Vivian5) and Mab (Aplourde) of Clan Murray. The chieftesses did not participate in the challenge because they were the authors.

    My son drew Seonag (cursedgreenswtr) out of Clan Mackenzie out of the hand-knit felted cloche -- I found it in my freezer.

    Round 7 Clan Standings:

    Beauchamp: 58

    Fraser: 24

    Mackenzie: 97

    Murray: 53

    Additional awards: (for bragging rights)

    Early bird: Ide of Clan MacKenzie. Her answers were received at 12:11 pm on 4/18.

    Sneaker: Edme of Clan Murray. Her answers were received at 11:59 on 4/28. As usual, the Murrays are watching every ones backs to make sure nobody is left behind! Nice job, Edme!

    And we are dusting off a Golden Apple Award for Seonag of Clan MacKenzie. She posted her answers with the page the person was found on, for the few doubting Thomas' who said they figured out who I was talking about, but they weren't mentioned in the section. Here are her notes and comments for some of the elusive characters (and characters they were)!

    DI REC TOR ~ MC EW AN (14) page 721, but not in tandem – only as the Director or Dr. McEwan
    SI MON ~ FRA SER (11) referred to on page 710, but only as Lord Lovat, the Old Fox, the old chieftain of Clan Fraser, and "you old Scotch cur"

    TCHAR LACH ~ MAC ~ SEA MUS (18) referred to in English on pages 712, 713, 714, and 731, but not in the Gaidhlig (in this section), which incidentally should be spelled Tearlach (Outlandish Companion, page 241)

    Not-so-soft-in-the-head award: Nemetona Beauchamp. Even though she suffered a nasty concussion, she managed to score a 100 percent on the final challenge. Hope you're feeling much better!

    Perfect Participation awards: The lassies who participated in EVERY round, except for the ones where they were obligated to sit out. Eilis, Siusan, Murine, Caroline, Morven and Nemetona from Clan Beauchamp; Fiona, Nannag and Lileas of Clan Fraser; Kellan, Ceili, and Kinley of Clan Mackenzie; and Mordag Elsbeth McLean, Joan, Edme, Marsali and Morrigan of Clan Murray.

    Perfect Scores Awards: The lassies who earned a perfect score during the games -- except the rounds they had to sit out. Eilis and Muirne of Clan Beauchamp and Marsali of Clan Murray.


    23 of 52 clan members participated in the seventh round of the Highland Games, that's xx percent. This round the four chieftesses sat out since they sponsored the round.

    The Mackenzie clan scored an additional point for having the highest participation in this round of the games, with 9 clan members participating. They won the round in a come-from-behind win.

    Clan Beauchamp had 42 percent or 6 of 14 members participate, earning 58 points.

    Clan Fraser had 13 percent or 2 of 15 members participate, earning 24 points.

    Clan Mackenzie had 65 percent or 9 of 14 members participate, earning 97 points.

    Clan Murray had 40 percent or 6 of 15 members participate, earning 53 points.

    Final Standings
    Beauchamp: 493
    Fraser: 304
    Mackenzie: 492
    Murray: 460


    Final Challenge Answers

    Lasses, as we waited for our sporrans to come in and we were admiring the lovely gifts recieved by our sisters, the chieftesses issued one final challenge. We were hoping to have all of our wee sporrans received by the final date of the challenge, but there are still a few not yet recieved. If you haven't received yours yet, please contact your chieftess, and if you haven't sent it yet, please contact both your chieftess and your spoilee.

    Gillian Edgars
    Director McEwan
    Simon Fraser
    Archibald Cameron
    Tcharlach Mac Seamus


    Note: Winners will be posted soon someone at my house ran off with my jump drive, but it has been found and I will have the winner's tabulated and posted yet tonight.

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    Murray Challenge Results

    A total of 15 of our lasses sent in their guesses. Of that there were 4 who got a perfect score. They were: Eilis (vicjorob), Morven (BessE) and Muirne (bwarnergroup) of Clan Beauchamp; and Nannag (LCBraun)of Clan Fraser. The Murrays did not participate in the challenge because they were the authors.

    The two tricky questions were #5 and #10 - either that, or you all had the Bonnie Prince on your minds! Shame on you - but he was a pretty little boy, perhaps that is why he was the 'Bonnie' prince, ye ken?

    My son drew Nannag out of the Easter basket -- the hand-knit felted cloche went AWOL this week.

    Round 2 Clan Standings:

    Beauchamp: 63

    Fraser: 33

    Mackenzie: 49

    Murray: 5

    Additional awards: (for bragging rights)

    Early bird: Eilis of Clan Beauchamp her answer arrived at 4:48 pm on 4/9, one hour and 29 minutes before the next response.

    Sneaker: (it seems odd not seeing a Murray's name here): Fiona of Clan Fraser (11:30 ET on 4/17)

    Most moving: Catrionia Duncan of Clan MacKenzie (recieved too late, but the most moving so I thought this photo should be posted)

    Most Creative: Caroline of Beauchamp provided a map of the battlefield.

    Gigglesnort: Caroline of Beauchamp: She couldn't find a picture of Johnny Cope, so she sent the song (along with the music!)

    Johnny Cope (Hey Johnny Cope!)

    · Hi, Johnny Cope, are ye waukin' yet
    Or are your drums a-beating yet
    Gie you were waukin' I would wait
    Tae gang tae the coals in the morning

    Cope sent a letter frae Dunbar'
    Chairlie meet me an' ye dare
    I'll learn ye the airts o' war
    If ye'll meet me in the morning

    When Chairlie looked the letter upon
    He drew his sword his scabbard from
    Follow me, my merry men
    Meet Johnnie Cope in the morning

    When Johnnie Cope he heard o' this
    He thought it wouldnae be amiss
    Tae hae a horse in readiness
    Tae flee awa' in the morning

    Fie noo Johnny, get up and rin
    The Highland bagpipes mak' a din
    Better tae sleep wi' a hale skin
    It will be a bloody morning

    When Johnny Cope tae Dunbar cam'
    They speirded him, Whaur's a' your men
    The de'il confound me gin I ken
    I left them a' in the morning

    Fie noo Johnny, ye werenae blate
    Tae come wi' the news o' your ain defeat
    And leave your men in sic a strait
    Early in the morning

    Faith, quo' Johnny, I got sic flegs
    Frae their claymores and philabegs
    Gin I face them again de'il brak' my legs
    I'll bid ye's a' good morning

    Anatomically incorrect, but still right:Ceili of MacKenzie

    (I thought they dropped their kilts before they charged!)


    15 of 46 clan members participated in the first round of the Highland Games, that's 32 percent. This round, Clan Murray sat out, since they sponsored the round.

    The Mackenzie and Beauchamp clans scored an additional point for having the highest participation in this round of the games, with 6 clan members participating.

    Clan Beauchamp had 40 percent or 6 of 15 members participate, earning 63 points.

    Clan Fraser had 18 percent or 3 of 16 members participate, earning 33 points.

    Clan Mackenzie had 40 percent or 6 of 15 members participate, earning 49 points.

    Clan Murray earned five points for stumping the Mackenzie clan.

    Up-to-date Standings
    Beauchamp: 435
    Fraser: 280
    Mackenzie: 395
    Murray: 407


    Murray Challenge Answers

    Lasses, you have all done a great job this time around and we hope that you learned a bit about Scottish history and had fun while doing so. We had 15 people submit answers by the deadline of midnight, 4/17 Eastern Time.

    The written answers are as follows:
    1. Find a photo of the location of the last battle of the 1745 Rising. Culloden field or Drummossie Moor

    2. Find an image of the English commanding general announcing defeat at the Battle of Gladsmuir. Gen. Johnny Cope

    3. Find a portrait of the man who shows Claire the broadsheet calling her “The Stuart Witch” Arthur Elphinstone, 6th Lord Balmerino

    4. Find a photo of where Dougal MacKenzie died. Culloden House

    5. If the 1745 Rising succeeded, find a portrait of the man who would have been King Charles' father would have been king: James Stuart

    6. Find a portrait of the author of the book from which Claire recalls information about the Battle of Prestonpans. Charles Dickens

    7. Find a photo of the place where Jamie expects to find Claire after she is turned over to the English. Callendar House

    8. Find a photo of the bell tower in the town that Prince Charles Edward Stuart was blooded in his first battle. Geata , Italy

    9. Find an illustration of Jamie’s grandfather at the time of his death Simon Fraser of Lovat

    10. Find a portrait of the Bourbon King who lived at the Palace where Colum MacKenzie dies. Charles X, Brother of Louis (not our bonnie prince)


    Kellan here, I'll have all the newest numbers tallied tomorrow evening, and the kidlets can draw the last name out of the felted cloche for the winner. We'll know where everyone stands heading into the final days of the last challenge.

    Saturday, April 18, 2009

    Final Challenge

    Lasses, it is time for our final challenge from Dragonfly in Amber. It has been fun coming up with these puzzles to make your mind work a bit harder and perhaps a wee bit differently than it normally does. For this challenge, I wanted to do something that hadn't been used for any of the others, and you left me little choice but to do a Syl la cros tic. I have taken 10 words (or word groupings), broken them down by syllable. Your challenge: to give them back to me, in their entirety. The number in parentheses is the number of letters in each grouping. Each one is one word unless there is a ~ in there. The ~ separates the word grouping into words. They are all people with the exception of 1 which is a place, but some of the people have had their local named after them, so they might be places now. All of these words are in the last section of the book.

    Good luck!



    __ __ ~ __ __ (11) (2 words, each word has 2 syllables. Total letters for both words: 11)


    __ __ __ ~ __ __ __ (13) (2 words, 3 syllables each. Total letters for both words: 13)


    See...that was easy. This might be a little tougher:


    __ __ __ ~ __ __ (13)

    __ __ __ __ (9)

    __ __ __ (8)

    __ __ __ (9)

    __ __ __ ~ __ __ __ (14)

    __ __ ~ __ __ (11)

    __ __ __ (8)

    __ __ __ (10)

    __ __ __ ~ __ __ __ (16)

    __ __ ~ __ ~ __ __ (18)

    This challenge ends at midnight on April 28. Please submit your answers to highlandergames@ymail.com and please use "Final Challenge" in the subject line. As usual, please include your swap name and ravelry name to help identify everyone. This challenge is open to everyone but the chieftesses. We are sitting out this round.

    I will try to get winners posted as soon as possible after this round, since this will determine who will win the Highlander Games. It's a close one this time around.