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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fraser Challenge

This is a tale that roams near and far in both space and time...therefore ye will search through hundreds of years to find the answers ye seek. They will all be places -- proper names some, but not all. The tenth question is one that will necessitate the other 9 being answered. Ye must fill in all the answers in the crossword.

EDITED TO ADD on 10.25.09:

Question 10 is the act of filling in all the answers into the crossword. Ye must send the answers to the 9 clues to the highlandergames ymail address with fraser or crossword in the subject line.

If you mis-spell anything, that would make #10 wrong, as it wouldn't work in the crossword.

The due date is October 28th. Send to highlandergames@ymail.com. Put Fraser Challenge in the subject line. Note, this should be the same address you ALWAYS send the challenge to.

Two-worded answers will have a space in the puzzle to separate the words (in fact, only 4 of the answers are ONE word!).

Sample Clue: The "road" to Jamie Answer: Craigh Na Dun Crossword: would show 13 empty spaces

Luck be with ye, sisters, we hope this quiz be much fun and little stress on ye, and ye enjoy your tromp back through the book for the answers...

~Ladies of Clan Frasers

Note: This game is for all Lassies in Beauchamp, Murray and Mackenzie clans.


2. Trains, planes & automobiles...where was Claire headed?

4. Where Claire shares a memory of a ancient soul with Roger

7. Bess & Blossom roomed with Jamie in here

8. On what sea were they when those fine, white, plump partridges leapt out of their concealment?

9. Brianna's "whoop" necessitated their hasty departure from where?


1. "O Lucifer, thou son of the morning" ...where were they?

3. Where, on a stormy night, one life is lost, as another is saved.

5. Drink of the damned

6. "the posterior zygapophysys had broken clean off" ...where did it happen?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Twas a difficult challenge this week but ye did well. Each question was answered correctly, more than once. I pulled all of the questions out of Chapter 10, hoping to make things a wee bit easier.

As to the part B - well, we needed to find a link in Rav, outside of Outlander, that had Voltaire, coney (or rabbit), Heloise, devil or cauldron, and Agustus. It could have been the name of a pattern, part of a forum conversation, the name of a project, the name of a company. Even a different spelling was acceptable.

For 1b, I even accepted a place mat pattern as Voltaire was a dinner guest. These answers were varied and clever, and too numerous to mention all of them.

1. Who is Monsieur Voltaire? (pg. 124 Jamie: ...I was privileged to entertain Voltaire at my table...He seldom said anything at all, let alone much sparkling with wit.)

2. What is a coney? (pg 131 LJG: what is it that caused you to leave...and seek congress with the coneys on the moor? There is a belief that if the first words out of your mouth on the 1st day of the month is Rabbit Rabbit ~ or ~ Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit your entire month will be filled with good luck.

3. What is Nouvelle Heloise? (pg123 Helloise was the go-to person for household hints pre Martha Stewart. I believe Hints from Helloise was given to many brides at bridal showers.)

4. What is Devil’s Cauldron? (pg 115: They call this spot the Devil's Cauldron because of the way it boils all the time. pg 134: ye'll maybe have heard of a place called the Devil's Cauldron. One of these references is in chapter 9, the other in 10.)

5. Who is Agustus? (pg 125: destined for the supper of the cat Agustus. Agustus was also the first Emperor of Rome. )

Thank ye kindly fer all yer hard work this week. It has paid off.
Respectfully submitted,
Mordag Murray

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Round One Scores

I would like to thank everyone who submitted responses for the first challenge. Out of a possible 51 entries, we received 39 answers which is 76%. Ye've all done a bonny job and your chieftesses are so proud of ye!

Beauchamp - 6 perfect scores: Nemetona, Ealasaid, Morven, Muirne, Isobel and Brianna. 5 additional challenges received from Lady North Facing, Elsbeth, Siusan, Haze and Caroline.
Fraser - Perfect scores received from Nannag and Camille. Entries also received from: Morgana, Jocasta, Molly, Phaedra, Sassenach and Margaret Simpson.
MacKenzie- 6 perfect scores from: Kinley, Siobhan, Ide, Seonag, Catriona Duncan and Madeleine. Three additional entries from: Leigh, Aislinn and Ceili.
Murray also sent in 11 responses: perfect scores from Ceitidh, Catriona, Joan, Marsala and Mary. Additional responses from: Mona, Eileen, Angelique, Latharna, Morrigan and Muirne.

Kellan's minions, who usually draw the name out of the hand-knit felted cloche, are sick. Therefore, I did not have them pick the winners from among those with perfect scores. I drew the name out, and the winner is Catriona Murray. Catriona earns five additional points for her clan.

Clan Standings:
Beauchamp: 70 + 1 = 71
Murray: 61 + 2 + 5= 68
MacKenzie: 47 + 1 + 48
Fraser: 29
Extra points earned for their respective clans:
Siobhan was our Early Bird. Answers received at: 1:02 pm on Wednesday (11/7)
Ealasaid earned the Bold Scot award. She remarked on Frank's nakedness..
Muirne of Clan Murray earned the Wise Woman award. She was the first to use THE SIGHT to divine one of the answers. (She didn't know the quote, but correctly divined who said it.)
Our Sneaker Award goes to Mona of Clan Murray. She submitted her answers at 11:53 PM on the last day, just 7 minutes before the deadline.

Note on how scores were tallied:
When totalling up the scores, we did something a little different. We polled everyone in the beginning, asking if they were going to participate. Taking each of the yesses from each clan and taking away the chieftesses (we were not allowed to play in this round) Beachamp, MacKenzie and Murray each had 13 eligible players. Fraser had 12. I added up the total score for the games for each clan, multiplied it by # of entries and then divided by the # of eligible players and rounded to the nearest number. Then I added in Sneaker, Early Bird, etc.

~Mordag and Kellan