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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Highland Games Round 6 Results

This week we have fewer names in the hand-knit felted cloche drawing; a total of 9.

Those included in the drawing:
Siusan (knittingalone), Elspeth (Georgethegirl), Morven (BessE) and Murron (lovestoknit) of Clan Beauchamp; Catrionia (Neila), Mordag Elsbeth McLean (abitknottie) and Mrs. FitzGibbons (jules 1960) of Clan Mackenzie; Marsali (mommaowie) and Senga (robyn) of Clan Murray.

Winner: Senga (robyn) of Clan Murray. She earns an additional 5 points for her clan.

Round 5 Clan Standings:
Beauchamp: 69
Fraser: 18
Mackenzie: 45
Murray: 46

Total Clan Standings After 5 Rounds:
Beauchamp: 459
Fraser: 279
Mackenzie: 354
Murray: 417
Additional awards: (for bragging rights)

Early Bird Award: Shaylee of Clan Beauchamp. She submitted her answers first. Her e-mail was dated 10:56 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 15. She’s won this award two times during the games. Please give this woman a round of applause.
Sneaker Award: Catrionia Duncan of Clan Mackenzie.She submitted her answers last and her e-mail was dated 11:34 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 21 that means they had 26 minutes to spare.
Mastery of the Indistinguishable Scottish Noise Award: Mordag Elsbeth McLean of Clan MacKenzie. For her answer to question No. 9.
“When traveling back to Leoch, Dougal and company were stopping for a break in travel and Jamie and Claire offered to fetch water from a private glade and share a little afternoon mrmmph. Two redcoat deserters came upon them while they were mrmmphing, and old 'Arry pulled Jamie off at gunpoint and handed him over to his buddy Arnold, so 'Arry could show Jamie how it was done. While Harry was in situ and getting ready, Claire readied her dagger. Hearing Rupert's instructions in her head, "Here, lass, up under the lowest ribs, close to the backbone. Stab hard, upward into the kidney, and he'll drop like a stone.' , she sought her mark. On the second try, she was successful.”

17 of 36 participated in Highland Games Round 3, that’s 47 percent (Remember the clan chieftans are excluded from playing. We organize, you play. Except for the Chieftess Challenges, which will be posted shortly after Kellan receives the results.)
9 people got every question right or 53 percent of those who participated.
Clan Beauchamp had 77 percent or 7 of 9 members participate, earning 69 points
Clan Fraser had 22 percent or 2 of 9 members participate, earning 18 points
Clan Mackenzie had 44 percent or 4 of 9 members participate, earning 45 points
Clan Murray had 44 percent or 4 of 9 members participate, earning 46 points

Reminder: Highland Games Round 7 is due at Midnight Tuesday, Nov.4. Kellan will post answers by Friday, Nov. 7


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Highland Games Round 6 Answers

1. What is Jamie’s clan motto? Je Suis Prest What does it mean? I am ready.

2. What is the most revolting thing Claire finds in David Beaton’s medical “clinic” in Castle Leoch? Of all of the icky things in there – from the skull to wood lice – but the most revolting items are the bloody bone saws and other amputation devices. Not only is the concept revolting, but the filth disturbed every fiber of the nurse/doctor inside Claire.

3. Who is Murtagh? Jamie’s godfather, who was very fond of Ellen Mackenzie Fraser, but was a Fraser. Why does Jamie trust him with his life? Murtagh swore an oath to protect Jamie when he was a tiny infant. You either needed to include the fact Murtagh was Jamie’s godfather or he had sworn an oath to Jamie’s parents when he was born to protect the child to get credit.

4. Why does Jamie cross himself when the Plover flies off? Plovers have the souls of mothers who have died young in childbirth. They cry and run about their nests because they don't believe the young are safely hatched. They are always mourning for the lost one or looking for the child left behind. Jamie first heard the story when he was a child, most likely shortly after his mother died.

5. How old was Jamie when his mother died? Eight. He remarks that he was at least weaned, but of course that doesn’t make it any easier.

6. How does Jamie describe intimate contact with Claire? Other women were “verra pleasant” his heart would pound and breath would come short, but with Claire “suddenly it’s as though I’ve a living flame in my arms. And I want only to throw myself into it and be consumed.” Morgana Fraser also included this tidbit that comes while they are living at the abbey, which is incredibly descriptive and a correct answer to the question: “I thought of those small tender sounds ye make when I love you. I could feel ye there next to me in the dark breathing soft and then faster, and the little grunt that ye give when I first take you as though you were settling yourself to your job. . . Even better . . . when I come to ye fierce and wanting, and you whimper under me and struggle as though you wanted to get away and I know it’s only that you are struggling to come closer and I’m fighting the same fight. . . or when I come to you needing and ye take me into you with a sigh and that quiet hum like a hive of bees in the sun and ye carry me wi’ you into peace with a little moaning sound.”

7. Who is Hugh Munro and why is he given special consideration among the area parishes? A friend of Jamie. He was captured by the Turks at sea and spent years in the galley of a ship. They cut out his tongue, broke his leg and his feet were burned in boiling oil in hopes of converting him to Islam. He is considered a martyr.

8. What is a gaberlunzie? A license to beg.

9. When did Claire discover that Rupert’s advice on stabbing a man with a dirk was highly accurate? Briefly describe the situation. Claire and Jamie left to “fetch water” which is almost like going to make-out point and “admiring the view.” Two redcoat deserters showed up and held a gun to Jamie’s head and then attempted to rape Claire. Claire attempted to stab him in the back, up into the kidneys, but hit a rib the first shot, and killed the dude the second time. Jamie took out the other guy.

10. What is a changeling? What the Wee Folk or Fairies leave behind when they steal a child. It’s distinguishable because it cries and fusses all the time and doesn’t thrive or grow. It is a sickly child. What do parents do with a changeling? Parents leave the changeling out side on a Fairy Hill or some other special spot in hopes the fairies will return the right child to the parents. Most of the time the child dies of exposure. It’s probably good that most states have safe haven laws to accommodate the changelings out there, today.

There were fewer 100 percent responses this round, but then there were fewer entries overall.
Remember Round 7 of the games is not due until Midnight Nov. 4. If we are lucky we'll know who the next U.S. President is by our deadline.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Highland Games Round 7

Remember to Put Highland Games Round 7 in the subject of your e-mail to outlandishswap@yahoo.com and include your swap name, clan and answers in the body of the e-mail.

1. Who technically runs and keeps everything in order at Castle Leoch?
2. Who turned Jamie into the Watch after returning to Lallybroch with Claire?
3. How did men of Lallybroch handle the situation?
4. Besides giving Claire the promise of keeping her fed, Jamie also told her she was safe. What specifically examples of how he’d protect Claire?
5. What were the pagan wedding vows Claire and Jamie recite after formally marrying in the church?
6. What is the gossip of who Leticia slept with and is Hamish’s father? Hint: It isn’t Dougal.
7. Why did Jamie offer to take the punishment for Laoghaire during Hall?
8. Who is supposed to have information regarding the murder Jamie is accused of?
9. What is the key to tickling trout?
10. What happened when Jamie first met the Duke of Sandringham that made him leery of going on an extended hunting expedition with the man?

Good Luck Clans! Contest ends at midnight Eastern Time, Tuesday, Nov 7. Note the extended time. Results will be posted Friday, Nov. 7.


Highland Games Round 6 Over

Thanks for playing the sixth round of the Outlandish Swap Highland Games. Answers and results will be posted sometime on Friday, Oct. 24. Be sure to check back.

Back by popular demand: Round 7 of the Highland Games will be posted in a couple of minutes. This round will be slightly different. The format will be the same as previous games. The time frame will be expanded to accommodate clanswomen finishing sporrans, starting Christmas knitting and oogling the goodies everyone else is getting.

That being said. Round 7 will begin at midnight Wednesday Oct. 24. It will end Tuesday Nov. 4, (Election day for the Americans). Results will be posted on Friday, Nov. 7.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Chieftess Challenge Round V

Good sisters of our clan gathering, We should be proud of our chieftesses - they are doing a braw job on these challenges.

Chief Eilis of Clan Beauchamp who got 9 correct. 18 points.
Chief Fiona of Clan Fraser who got all correct. 20 + 1 = 21 points
Chief Kellan of Clan MacKenzie who has early bird (again!) with 9 correct 18 + 1 = 19 points.

Chieftess Standings to date:
Eilis Beauchamp 53 + 18 = 71
Fiona Fraser 49 + 21 = 70
Kellan MacKenzie 55 + 19 = 74
Jenny Murray 49

Their next challenge has been posted and they are busy working on it. Our next challenge is due tomorrow, so if you haven't finished it, there is still time to turn it in. Our new challenge will be posted soon, so please check back.
~Mordag Elsbeth McLean