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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Highland Game Final Standings

Sorry for no pictures. My camera and computer aren't on speaking terms at the moment and I'm left as the go-between.

For the final round of the Highland Games we had the fewest participants: 13. Surprisingly, the majority – 10 individuals – were included in the hand-knit felted cloche drawing.

Those in the drawing: Nemetona (tandemsandy), Shaylee (soniacolleen), Morven (BessE) and Murron (lovestoknit) of Clan Beauchamp; Catrionia (Neila), Mrs. FitzGibbons (jules 1960) and Kinley (Rehnbo) of Clan Mackenzie; Marsali (mommaowie) of Clan Murray and Jocasta Walkley (Anne) and Morgana (Cluxewe). The Murrays and Frasers did particularly well. All participants that met the deadline had perfect scores.
Winner: Jocasta Walkley (Anne) of Clan Fraser. She earns an additional 5 points for her clan.

Round 7 Clan Standings:
Beauchamp: 65
Fraser: 29
Mackenzie: 45
Murray: 12

Highland Games Winners:
Beauchamp: 524 (First Place)
Fraser: 314 (Fourth Place)
Mackenzie: 399 (Third Place)
Murray: 429 (Second Place)

Additional awards: (for bragging rights)
Early Bird Award: Mordag E. McLean of Clan Mackenzie. She submitted her answers first. Her e-mail was dated 11:47 a.m. Monday, Oct. 27.
Sneaker Award: Elspeth of Clan Beauchamp.She submitted her answers last and her e-mail was dated 10:52 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4 that means they had 8 minutes to spare.

13 of 36 participated in Highland Games Round 7, that’s 36 percent
10 people got every question right or 77 percent of those who participated.
Clan Beauchamp had 66 percent or 6 of 9 members participate, earning 65 points
Clan Fraser had 22 percent or 2 of 9 members participate, earning 29 points
Clan Mackenzie had 44 percent or 4 of 9 members participate, earning 45 points
Clan Murray had 11 percent or 1 of 9 members participate, earning 12 points

Perfect Participation:
(knittingalone), Muirne (bwarnergroup), Morven (BesseE) of Clan Beauchamp; Jocasta Walkley (Anne) and Morgana (Cluxewe) of Clan Fraser; Catrionia (Neila), Mrs. FitzGibbons (jules1960), Mordag Elsbeth McLean (abitknottie) and Kinley (Rehnbo) of Clan Mackenzie.

Perfect Scores: (which means they had perfect participation, too)
(mommaowie) of Clan Murray and Murron (lovestoknit) of Clan Beauchamp.
We had seven other clan members who missed three or fewer questions throughout the entire games.

I re-evaluated the Round 6 answers since there was a question about the question of Murtagh’s identity. After reflecting, digging through the book I decided that stating Murtagh is a Fraser and has known Jamie all his life does not correctly answer the question. I based this decision on the fact that every one else who submitted an answer to this question got it correct, by stating that Murtagh was yes a Fraser, and had sworn an oath to Jamie or was his god parent. Knowing someone for your life isn’t enough to trust them with your life – especially during the 18th Century.

I spent a lot of time reviewing my decision on this question and looked at everyone’s answers, which is how I discovered a couple mistakes I made in correcting Clan Frasers answers (sorry ladies). The scores for the Highland Games Winners is accurate. The Frasers earned six extra points, one point each for the mistake made, plus the two additional points for earning a perfect score in the round.

Comments Wanted:
Leave a comment and tell me what you think we did well or what could be improved or changed in the administration of the Highland Games for the next swap.
Did you like the timing?
Do you like the games and answers posted on the blog?
Do want different types of games? If so what type?
Was it too time consuming?
How could we make it easier for everyone to participate?
Should the games be mandatory?
Let us know your thoughts. We won't be able to make changes or improvments if we don't hear from you.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Final Highland Games Answers

Here are the answers to the Highland Games Round 7 questions.

1. Who technically runs or keeps everything in order at Castle Leoch? Mrs. FitzGibbons (A nod to the Mackenzie’s own Jules1960)

2. Who turned Jamie into the Watch after returning to Lallybroch with Claire? Ronnie McNab He’s the father of Rabbie McNab, the boy Jamie makes a stable lad and tells him not to beat his child anymore.

3. How did men of Lallybroch handle the situation? Killed him, burned the croft down. The men took Mrs. McNabb, Rabbie and other children in to the main house to work. He apparently holds a grudge, and the men of Lallybroch had to show him justice.

4. Besides giving Claire the promise of keeping her fed, Jamie also told her she was safe. What specifically examples of how he'd protect Claire? You are safe. You have my name my family, my clan and if necessary the protection of my body.

5. What were the pagan wedding vows Claire and Jamie recite after formally marrying in the church? “Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone./ I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One./ I give ye my Spirit, 'til our Life shall be Done.” When I first read Outlander, I thought this was a chilling statement of what marriage should be. Then to find out, it's the way Jamie and Clarie's really is.

6. What is the gossip of who Leticia slept with and is Hamish's father? Hint: It isn't Dougal. Geile says the gossip is that Jamie is the father because of the red hair. Everyone seems to forget that Jamie’s mother and grandfather (Hamish’s too) were gingers.

7. Why did Jamie offer to take the punishment for Laoghaire during Hall? Pity. He was concerned that she would be shamed in front of everyone who knew her and it would have taken time to get over.

8. Who is supposed to have information regarding the murder Jamie is accused of? Horrocks, an English deserter. A few people mentioned Hodgepile, who is indeed another informant/secret keeper to the plot of an Outlander novel and English deserter, but he is important in later books.

9. What is the key to tickling trout? Pick a good spot and wait. The theory is if you are still enough and patient enough the trout will be lulled into a sense that your hand is really a piece of the landscape and will be shocked to find themselves launched on the bank and the subject of someone’s breakfast.

10. What happened when Jamie first met the Duke of Sandringham that made him leery of going on an extended hunting expedition with the man? Sandringham made sexual advances at Jamie.

The winner will be posted tomorrow sometime. Just a warning, I had some problems with my camera so no promises of the wee bairns drawing names out of the hand-knit felted cloche.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Chieftess Challenge VII

Good-Sisters of our clan gathering, our chieftesses have sent in the answers for the last challenge I posted.
Chief Eilis of Clan Beauchamp who solved one of the cryptos and was able to place it correctly. 4 points
Chief Fiona of Clan Fraser solved 5 cryptos and correctly placed them. She also stole Early Bird this week. 20 +1 + 1 = 22 points
Chief Kellan of Clan MacKenzie also solved and correctly placed all of the cryptos. 20 + 1 = 21 pts.
Sneaker award goes to Eilis - answers submitted with just 14 minutes to spare.

CHIEFTESS Standings to date:
Eilis Beauchamp 93 + 4 = 97
Fiona Fraser 88 + 22 = 110
Kellan MacKenzie 99 + 21 = 120
Jenny Murray 49

Their last challenge has been posted and they are busy working on it. I have already gotten in two responses. For anyone who would like to play along at home, answers will be posted next week. For those playing along at home, the answers to last week's challenge have been posted on the Chieftess Challenge thread at Ravelry.Thanks for playing along and check back soon.
~Mordag Elsbeth McLean