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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mackenzie Challenge: I've Come Home

This go-round the Mackenzies have you lassies completing a crossword puzzle, solving a jumble using the letters in the blue shaded boxes which will ultimately take you to Ravelry to conduct a search and answer one last little question.


  1. Ian Murray's place (four words)

  1. The damning letter marking Himself as a traitor. (three words)

  1. Mistress of the house since she was 10.

  2. Without Eastman Kodak, Himself has found his own way to capture ________.

  3. A dour little clansman


  1. “Fritter” away the famine with these.

  2. A leak on the door post will keep out the ___________.

  3. Healing comes from the __________.

  1. The locals call Broch Turach this.

To make it easier to read: The across clues from the top down are numbered 1, 4, 6, 7, 8. The Down clues from the left to the right are numbered 1, 5, 2, 3. There are no spaces between the words in the multiple word answers.

For the last part of the challenge take the blue highlighted letters and rearrange the letters to solve this Jumble.

As a wee lamb, his ma might have called this Scottish ovis a "colorful" nickname.

__ __ __ __ __ __ / __ __ __ / __ __ __ __ __ (3 words)

10. Enter the Jumble answer as a Ravelry project search and answer this question:

What clan's tartan is he wearing?

This round of the Highland Games ends at midnight April 7. Submit your answers highlandergames@ymail.com. Please use Mackenzie in the subject line of the e-mail.

Edited to add another H to the puzzle. The puzzle generator absorbed some of my extra Hs when they made it. You must use the H in I've Come Home to make the puzzle complete. ~Kellan

Best of luck ladies
~Ladies of Leoch

Friday, March 27, 2009

Winners: Riddle Me This (Beauchamp Challenge

italic;color:#000000;" >I have to appologize for taking so long to get this information up. The kids and I have all been sick this week, so this has been a bit of a lower priority. The point total reflects a change by the Beauchamps to allow the Italian bank and Manzetti to count as a correct answer for Question 2 ~Kellan

A total of 26 of our lasses sent in their guesses. Of that there were only two people who got a perfect score. They were: Kinley (Rehnbo) and Marsali (mommaowie).

My fever riddled daughter drew Kinley of Clan Mackenzie out of the hand-knit felted cloche.

Round 2 Clan Standings:

Beauchamp: 5

Fraser: 45

Mackenzie: 75

Murray: 54

Additional awards: (for bragging rights)

Early bird: Mordag, fearless leader of Clan Murray sent her answers in twice, and still managed to be the early bird both times! Her revised submission at 4:11 p.m. On March 7 counts as her official time.
Sneaker: Edme of Clan Murray squeaked in with 6 minutes to spare at 11:54 p.m. On March 18.
Most Amusing: A tie this time with the the mother/daugther duo from Clan Mackenzie: Fiona and Kellan.

Caela of Clan Mackenzie concluded that if she could not “find” Queen Charlotte's “house” then it must be “the house next to Sirius Black's house in London!” Because, she explained, “Charlotte has successfully hidden from me!”

Knitmo of Clan Mackenzie, who wrote Queen Charlotte's “house” was “the barn” where she's woven a shawl that says Gabaldon is “Some Author.”

Best Link to Another Book in the Series: Mrs FitzGibbons of Clan Mackenzie who answered No. 7 as “The big white sow,” writing that she knew it was not an anagram for Mama Crunch Acorns. “Wrong book, cause the she's in ABOSA. But she's the only mama that crunches acorns that I could think of!”

Going for the Gold: Sassenach of Clan Fraser, who, by answering each question with a question or question mark helped her clan's overall participation.


26 of 49 clan members participated in the first round of the Highland Games, that's 52 percent. This round, the four cheiftesses sat out, since they sponsored the round. (We've had a couple of clan members withdraw and the 15 ladies in Beauchamp didn't participate)

Clans Mackenzie and Murray each scored an additional point for having the highest participation in this round of the games.

Clan Beauchamp earned five points for stumping everyone in Clan Fraser – they were the only clan participating that did not have one person with a perfect score.

2 clan members got a perfect score.

Clan Beauchamp had did not participate since they were the authors of the challenge but earned 5 points for stumping one clan.

Clan Fraser had 50 percent or 8 of 16 members participate, earning 45 points.

Clan Mackenzie had 60 percent or 9 of 15 members participate, earning 75 points.

Clan Murray had 56 percent or 9 of 16 members participate, earning 54 points.

Up-to-date Standings
Beauchamp: 237
Fraser: 191
Mackenzie: 282
Murray: 248

Special thanks goes to Eilis and the Beauchamps for writing the challenge, tallying the results and sending them to me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Riddle Me This Answers- REDUX

Here are the answers for the Beauchamp Riddle Me This Challenge, which covered Part 3 of Dragonfly in Amber.

1) He had no wish to cast aspersions,

Nay wish to arouse suspicions,

Did he know about his wife?

Some say “not on your life” –

Cuckold simply a French tradition.

Who am I?

Answer: Jules de la Tour, husband of Princesse Louise Rohan de la Tour, mistress to Bonnie Prince Charles.

2) A prince whose funds were frighteningly low

And little or nothing to borrow

With partner extreme

A new business scheme

From “where” would the needed cash flow?

Answer: The scheme was for Prince Charles to partner with St. Germain to import port from Gostos, the Portuguese island. The limerick asks “from where” the money would flow, which includes the source of the money Charles invested with Germain -- which includes the loan from the Italian banker Manzetti.

3) A real man, full of secrets, for sure

His thoughts, his deeds, many quite impure.

His wigs kept dusted,

Nay to be trusted

Who is this “invité d’honneur?”

Answer: The “guest of honor” is Sandringham. In the chapters we were covering for this challenge, Sandringham is identified as the guest of honor at the scandalous party held after Mary Hawkins was raped. In the same paragraph it is mentioned that “Germain was also invited, to make things interesting…” Although the description of the “impure, untrustworthy” person could lead some to guess Germain, the description in French serves to emphasize the guest-of-honor part.

4) To this “biscuit” family trilogy

Our fave Scot would’na pledge fealty

One blood, many lands,

Seeking an upper hand.

Who fought to expand their realty?

Answer: Three Bourbon Cousins: King James of Scotland, King Louis of France, and King Philip of Spain (apparently Bourbon biscuits/cookies are quite tasty in the UK)

5) A Darn John, All Tan = Jonathan Randall -- need we say more?

6) Our Entire Slum = Rue Tremoulins -- anything but slumlike, this was home to Jamie and Claire while in Paris

7) Mama Crunch Acorns = Marcus MacRannoch -- a big bear of a man, is mentioned in passing

8) “Murtagh’s eye, the morning after” = rotten banana (describing the way his eye looked the night after the hullaballoo w/ Mary Hawkins).

9) Queen Charlottes “house” = Castellotti (as in Castle and Lotti, a nickname for Charlotte)

10) A bird of prey stayed here = Rue Malory (the street on where Mary or Silas “HawksInn” resided)

ETA: Based on feedback from several sisters, perhaps we Beauchamps were a bit hasty or too strict in the interpretations of our answers. For that, we are humbly apologetic.