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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Highland Games Round 4 Answers

1. Where does Claire and Murtagh take Jamie after breaking him out of Wentworth Prison? [Where Claire dresses Jamie's wounds and where they spend the night] Eldridge Manor or Sir Marcus MacRannoch’s house. Murtagh and Claire take Jamie to the abbey the next morning, after his wounds have been dressed.

2.Outline the basic plan for breaking Jamie out of Wentworth Prison. When I wrote this question I was thinking of the plan to Run MacRannoch’s stolen cattle through the door Claire escaped from. MacRannoch would go in and yell at Sir Fletcher, the warden, about his men stealing cattle. In the scuttle, Murtagh and Claire would rescue Jamie and take him back to MacRannoch’s home. I had forgotten about the original plan of Murtagh and Claire getting into the prison. Claire would charm Sir Fletcher, work with Murtagh to get the keys and release Jamie from the cell block. This probably would have worked if Black Jack Randall hadn’t gotten his greasy little hands on our favorite red head. The plan has to be revised to get Jamie out of the dungeon where Randall was “caring” for him. In the process, they released about 40 prisoners which probably kept the guards busy, and really allowed for Plan B to work well.

3. How do Murtagh and Claire let people know they are looking for word about what's happened to Jamie after he's been taken by the Watch? They travel around, Murtagh sings, Claire works as a healer and tells fortunes. In addition they talk about the large red-headed man they are looking for. They also share which direction they are moving, in hopes that someone will catch up with them with news.

4. Who was Sawny? Who gave him the nickname? Jamie, his brother Willie gave it to him

5. What were Jamie’s requirements before he agreed to marry Claire? He had three. A proper gown for her to wear, the ceremony would take place in a church/kirk or otherwise before God, and a honeymoon. Jamie didn’t want to consummate his marriage under a bush with 20 clan members offering advice.

6. Why did Jamie think it was prudent to hide during the oath taking during the Mackenzie Gathering? If he took the oath meant Jamie would be willing to take over as laird and would be assassinated before the night is over. To refuse the oath would be an insult to the Mackenzies and the result would be the same. Jamie thought it would be better to hide in the stable, that was, of course, until Claire thought to try to escape.

7. How did Jamie save his skin during the oath taking? Since Jamie didn’t feel safe sending Claire back to the Castle without an escort to protect her from the drunk, celebratory Mackenzies, he got caught and dressed in a snowy white sark and a Mackenzie tartan. Then when he got to Colum for the oath taking it was like time stopped (OK it seemed that way when I read this section) and Jamie says: I can’t swear an oath and fore swear family, but I will promise to obey the Mackenzie chief when on their lands. He specifically says: “Colum Mackenzie, I come to you as a kinsman and ally. I give ye no vow, for my oath is pledged to the name that I bear. But I give ye freely the things that I have: my help and my goodwill, whenever ye should find a need of them. I give ye my obedience, as kinsman and as laird, and I hold myself bound by your word, so long as my feet rest on the lands of Clan Mackenzie.” Then Colum takes a drink and offers it to Jamie who polishes it off with great fanfare and a bawdy comment.

8. Who is the father of Geilie Duncan’s child? Dougal Mackenzie

9.What message does Dougal pass on from Geilie to Claire? This happened when Claire and Dougal were in the cave, at the same time Claire finds out that Jamie will be executed. “I don’t know if it is possible, but I think so.” And the numbers: one, nine, six, seven OR eight. I accepted both answers because depending on the version of the book or source, both answers are technically correct.

10.What is contained in the box that Wentworth Prison Warden gives Claire to deliver to Jamie’s family? The contents of his sporran, or specifically, like most of you answered, with a portion of this quote from the book: “The box measured about eight inches by six, and was four or five inches deep. It contained Jamie’s personal effects.” Claire didn’t have to look to know it contained: three fishing lines, neatly coiled; a cork stuck with fishhooks; a flint and steel; a small piece of broken glass, edges blunt with wear; various small stones that looked interesting or had a good feel between the fingers; a dried mole’s foot. Perhaps a Bible, or maybe they had let him keep that. Maybe a ruby ring if it hadn’t been stolen and a small wooden snake, carved out of cherrywood with the name Sawny scratched on the underside.

Everyone did well in thegames. There were 24 participants and 13 people who earned a perfect score. Edie and Ian will be drawing the winning name tonight and I'll be posting sometime on Friday, Oct. 10.

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