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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Beauchamp Voyager Challenge Answers and Results


1. Uttered thrice, yet three times a charm
“I want him still.” At Marsali and Fergus wedding, Claire reflects that although she had not said said that to Jamie at their wedding, she had said it three times since: in two moments of choice at Craig na Dun, and once again at Lallybroch.

2. Although “given” to Claire, Jamie uses this moniker more than she does.

Sassenach, Jamie's pet nickname for Claire

3. This "bruise of a witch” caused such an “uproar” that proved much “ado” about something.

The "black and blue" ship Bruja (Spanish for witch), whose taking of Ian caused such a brouhaha (which means an uproar, an ado) that set off the hubbub that followed in this section of the book. Although we know Geilis as the white witch, it was not known in this part of the book that she was responsible the for the brouhaha that followed Ian's kidnapping.

4. Once lost never to be found, always reminds its been around

Innes' amputated arm, Murphy's leg, or Fergus' hand

5. Initially a timeless “hand-fast,” these misty two can be traced to the heart of the story

The letters J and C, first carved by Jamie and Claire into each other's hands before Claire crosses over time back to the 20th century, as a permanent reminder of their marriage contract. It is these initials that are traced by Claire on a misty window pane before they depart on the Artemis. Also accepted, Jamie and Claire as the pair represented by the intials who as we know, are the heart of this story.

6. Good intentions paved the way to this Hell for our dynamic duo

Celibacy! Jamie's good intentions to give Marsali a chance to think over her marrying Fergus lead to the "hell" of celibacy and longing for Jamie and Claire (and also Marsali and Fergus!)

7. This joy, much admired in its expression, was almost lost in its possession

Mr. Willoughby's love of Women, that "Second Wife saw and loved in my words. Yet in desiring to possess me--and my poems--she would have forever destroyed what she admired." Thanks to Nannag for the quote.

8. Remembered with much “porpoise,” and none too lightly to be foresworn

The Hippocratic Oath, recited by Claire from memory when trying to explain to Jamie why he had to let her go aboard the Porpoise to aid those stricken with typhoid fever. Also accepted: Clarence Marylebone, Duke of Sandringham was in possession of many 'porpoise' coins. Meyer was foresworn from revealing the owner, but because the original owner was dead for 20 years, no longer felt the obligation of keeping the secret (thanks to Mordag because I didn't even make this connection)

9. In for a penny, in for a “pound,” his future cut short when his time came 'round.

Young Elias Pound, who is one of the last victims of typhoid fever aboard the HMS Porpoise

10. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for these.

The bells of the drowned churches of Port Royal toll for the 'damned [sodomitic] pirates.' Also accepted, the tolling of the bells to signify when things must be done, as when Captain Leonard hears the "ting of the ship's bell" and it reminded him it was time to take the ship's position. .

11. Picture represents Claire's bribe to Murphy of various herbs: cardamom, nutmeg, extract of anise, ginger root, vanilla beans from Ceylon

12. Picture represents the parritch prescribed to Duncan Innes as a cure for blocked lower sigmoid colon. Also accepted, the parritch eaten by Jamie but missed by Jamie's Scottish men on the Artemis

13. Picture represents Claire's motherly advice to Bree, which was too "stand up straight and don't get fat." Also accepted, Mother Hildegarde, who, even at 83, still has beautiful posture.

We Beauchamps hope you enjoyed the challenge. There were 15 souls who answered the call, two of whom had perfect scores. The Lasses who answered the Beauchamp challenge were:
  • Fraser: Nannag, Lileas, Molly, and Camille
  • MacKenzie: Ide, Ceili,Catriona, Kinley, Aislinn, and Mrs Fitz
  • Murray: Mordag, Mary, Morrigan, Mona, and Zella
If ye sent something in and dinna see yer name, please let me know.

Perfect scores were received from: Nannag Fraser and Mordag Murray. Ye do yer clans proud!
[Kellan's camera is absent without leave, thus no pictures, but the bairns did draw one lucky name out of the hand knit felted cloche.]
And the winner is: Mordag Murray

Special Awards go to:
  • Mordag of Clan Murray is our Early Bird (1 point)
  • Kinley of Clan Mackenzie is our Sneaker (11:59 pm with one minute to spare)(1 point)
  • The One-for-One Award goes to Lilieas: She submitted only one answer and got it right.
  • The "Can you hear me now" Award goes to Nannag and Zella. Both sent in four e-mails each, just to make sure we got their submissions.
  • Foiler awards go to Mordag and Nannag who both kept the Beauchamps from getting 5 points this round by earning a perfect score for their clans!
The Scores:

Beauchamp ~ 0 [exempt from play]
Fraser ~ 16 points
MacKenzie ~ 27 points + 1 point (sneaker) = 28 points
Murray ~ 21 points + 1 point (early bird) + 5 points (Mordag winning) = 27 points

Current Standings:
Beauchamp: 448
Fraser: 198
Mackenzie: 197
Murray: 312

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