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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fraser Challenge II Results!

Ye did a braw job, lasses! 32 of a possible 45 participants! Here are the answers:

We were quite lax & forgiving with this game, though we did draw the line at using the word "the" for the "T" entry. ;)

P places: Phillip Alonzo, plantation, Philadelphia, prison, Paris, packet boat & porch
P people: passengers, patrons, poppet, physicians, people, parents, planter, Phaedre, practitioners, & Pollyanne
A places: Artemis, alter Aunt Jocasta's, apothecary shop, atmosphere, & anyplace
A people: apothecary, auntie/aunt, Andrew MacNeill, & Alexander
S places: shed, Scotland, stones, street, straw (where the clothes were put), south, ship, stable, sky, & Siam (as in "the King of")
S people: Smoots (Jr. or Mrs.), shipmates, someone else, Seargent Murchison, Stuart, slave, seaman, son Sassenach, & Stephen Bonnet
I places: into f@#%ing no where (LOL), Indes, Inverness, inn, Isles, & inglenook
I people: immigrants, Ian & idiot
O places: on a cargo ship, on the river (see how far we stretched it! "on" lol), Oxford, outside & ocean
O people: only person I love, officer (court, or "of the crown"), object of desire (clever!!), orphan, & (one of our favorites of the entire game:) Oreilles en feuille de chou -- loosely translated to mean "cauliflower ears"
N places: North Carolina, north, & New Bern
N people: Nayawenne, newlywed, nephew, & noble
E places: Edenton, Edmonton, east, & Edinburgh
E people: Erinyes, Englishman, Ellen, erstwhile shipmates & Elizabeth
M places: main depot, muddy bank, marketplace, Main St., mountains, museums, Montego Bay, & mill
M people: Andrew MacNeill, mama/mother, Minister, Marsali, Miss/Mistress, malevolent spirits, maid/maidservent, men/man, Mrs. Smoot, Roger/Jocasta/Dougal Mackenzie, Mr. Happy (LOL), Miss/Mr. Viorst, medusa, malcolm, & "my blessing" (awwww!)
T places: tavern, taproom, tropics & town
T people: Temeraine, Tryon, them, and tall, red-headed girl

Game 2: Jeopardy
  1. Person who resembles a poisoned white mouse when ill. Who is Lizzie?

  2. Officious person who looks like a half-roasted pig. Who is Sergeant Murchison?

  3. Person who is Roger’s aunt, six times removed. Who is Brianna?

  4. Meeting a gentleman who could give Lizzie the current whereabouts of Jamie and Claire was the reward for this virtuous behavior. What is doing the washing/washing the clothes?

  5. A fair indication of male satisfaction (according to Roger). What is “behaving as though your spinal column has been removed”?

  6. Name of the county wherein lies Fraser’s Ridge (as well as a name recognized by knitters internationally.) What is Rowan?

Game 3: cryptograms

Spoken about Brianna:
1. A great huge girl, dressed in men's breeches. Walkin' down the street, plain as you please, with her coat over her arm and her backside in view of everyone!

Spoken by Roger:
2. And where the hell else should I be, with you tearing off into f#$@ing nowhere and risking your bloody neck, and -- why the hell did you do it?!

Recited by Roger:
3. I, Roger Jeremiah, do take thee, Brianna Ellen, to be my lawful wedded wife. With my goods I thee endow, with my body I thee worship...in sickness and in health, in richness and in poverty, so long as we both shall live.

Challenge Results:

Seonag*, Ceanna, Ide*, Catriona Duncan, Kellan, Eadgyth, Aislinn, Catriona, Imogen, Mrs. Fitz*, Sophia, & Kinley*

Mordag*, Caireann*, Tammy, Zella*, Ceana, Bea, Eileen, & Toireasa

Muirne*, Imogene, Isobel, Ealasaid, Sineag, Elspeth, Lady North Facing, Caroline, Nemetona, morven, Bree & Eilis

Additional points:
Seonag Mackenzie as early bird, and Toireasa Murray as sneaker!

Mackenzie points: 92 points + 3 (first responders) + 4 (perfect 18) + 1 (early bird) = 100 points
Murray points: 67 points + 3 (first responders) + 3 (perfect 18) + 1 (sneaker) = 74 points
Beauchamp points: 101 points + 4 (first responders) + 1 (perfect 18) = 106 points

***I will edit (hopefully this evening) with the winner from the hat drawing. :) ***

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