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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Fraser Challenge Results are IN!

**editing to add -- the Beauchamp's Nemetona had a sending snafu, so she's being added in -- she earned an additional 10 points for her team! Congrats, ladies!**

Lassies, ye did a braw job of it! We had a total of 28 participants, this round, and of those, TWENTY-TWO "perfect 10" scores! The break-down is as follows:
Caireann, Mordag, Tammy, Bea, Eileen, Toireasa, & Zella

Aislinn, Catrionia Duncan, Ide, Eadgyth Mac, Isobel, Ceanna, Mrs. Fitz, Dirty Prudentilla Bonney, Imogen, Catriona, Kinley, Ronan, & Seonag
Muirne, Sineag, Imogen, Eilis, Ealaisad, Morven, Lady North Facing, Bree, & SuisanBlue text denotes first 10 responders who also had "perfect 10" scores (and thus earn their team an extra point), and bolded lasses are also "perfect 10" scores, who are entered into the drawing.

Additional points are awarded to:

Caireann Murray, for being the early bird
Zella Murray, for being the sneaker, with our best time yet: 11:59pm!! No beating that one!
Caireann Murray, Muirne Beauchamp, Seonag Makenzie & Ide Mackenzie for answering all 18 questions correctly!
Totals are:
Murray: 61 + 4 (first responders) + 1 (early bird) + 1 (sneaker) + 1 (perfect 18) = 68
Mackenzie: 115 + 4 (first responders) + 2 (perfect 18) + 5 (challenge winner) = 126
Beauchamp: 71 + 2 (first responders) + 1 (perfect 18) = 74

****edited to add the drawing information****
22 Names were put in the hat...a very special hat! Knit for me as a surprise by one of the Lallyclickets from the Ladies of Lallybroch, 5 1/2 years ago -- before I knew how to knit!! And the blinking boy in the photo who chose the winner was the one who wore it as an infant. :)

On to the drawing...And the winner is.... Ide Mackenzie!!! Congrats! You've won your clan an extra 5 points! :)

I don't know why he kept blinking like that....lol

-Submitted by Fiona Fraser

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