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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Beauchamp Challenge, Part Deux


Welcome to Section 11 -- a book-free area.  With a nod to Section 11 of the book, this week’s challenge features two types of games:

-- What’s in a Name! – a Scrabble word game
-- Transitions! – a word morph game

As with all Highland Games challenges, the maximum possible points one can earn is 10.  But, ye can earn them by completing a combination of the following puzzles.

WHAT’S IN A NAME! is a “words-in-a-word” game that will present you with a name (like Jamie Fraser).  All you have to do is to find all the eligible words contained in that name.  Here are the rules, which follow standard Scrabble rules:

  • Found words should contain the number of letters listed for the origin name.
  • Proper nouns do not count, i.e., wolf counts; Wolfe does not
  • Found words must be a commonly used English word; “exotic” words are not eligible
  • Duplicates don't count.
  • For each name, earn 1 point for every four words of the identified length found, with a maximum of 3 points per name

Example:  Claire Beauchamp (all words 9 or more letters) results in the following words with 9 or more letters: amicable, bicameral, bleacher, chemical, cherubim, crucible, impeachable, impeccable, peculiar, preamble, reachable, republic.

Scrabble #1:  Roger Mackenzie (all words 8 or more letters) = max 3 points
Scrabble #2:  Kakonhoaerhas (all words 6 or more letters) = max 3 points
Scrabble #3:  Pere Alexandre Ferigault (all words 10 or more letters) = max 3 points

TRANSITIONS! is a word morph game where you change one letter in the starting word to form a new word.  Repeat the process until you spell the ending word.  Here are the rules:

  • Proper nouns do not count, i.e., wolf counts; Wolfe does not
  • Morphed words must be in common English usage; “exotic” words are not eligible
  • Earn 1 point for each completed transition, for a maximum of 5 points for this puzzle.

Example: morphing from "head" to "foot" takes five moves:
1.    BEAD – H was changed to B
2.    BEAT – D was changed to T
3.    BOAT– E was changed to O
4.    BOOT – A was changed to O
5.    FOOT – B was changed to F

Morph #1:  FREE to SOLD in 6 moves or less
“I was born free,” Ulysses tells Brianna.  “The carpenter … claimed that as I was the child of a slave, I was by law a slave myself.  And so, he sold me.”

Morph #2: GRACE to FAITH in 7 moves or less
“[I] refuse to baptize infants unless both parents were Christian and in a state of grace” Alexandre confessed to Roger.  “This is necessary, you understand, if the child is to be raised in faith.”

Morph #3: BLACK to DEATH in 8 moves or less
“Black is for death; prisoners who are to be killed are always painted so,” the girl explained in telling Claire the story of Otter-Tooth.  “You knew this when you met the man on the mountain.”

Morph #4:  TELL to HEAR in 3 moves or less
“But a man is not forgotten, as long as there are two people left under the sky.” declared Tewaktenyonh as she questioned how Claire came to possess Otter-Tooth’s opal.  “One, to tell the story; the other, to hear it.”

Morph # 5:  FUSE to BOMB in 7 moves or less
“I said, it’s no time we have to be wasting! Did ye not hear your man sayin’ that the fuses are lit?” Bonnet said to Brianna. “It’ll go off like a bomb!”

 As with all Highland Game challenges:

  • 1 bonus point goes to each of the first 10 perfect (i.e., 10 point) submissions
  • 1 point each goes for the first submission (early bird) and the last before the deadline (sneaker)
  • 5 points to the winner
We hope you enjoy the challenges.

Your Beauchamp Sisters

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