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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Highland Games Round 5 Answers

Everyone provided such interesting commentary with their answers this week, so I’ve included it in the answers post – in a lot of ways it’s more interesting than what I would have said. ~Kellan

1. On Claire and Jamie’s wedding night, how did Jamie believe humans made love/mated? Like horses or other mammals, just like any other innocent farm boy might experience.

Suisan Beauchamp said “like horses, please don’t make me elaborate.”

Muirne Beauchamp said “Male from behind, like horses – possibly with biting!”

2. What is peculiar about the way Jamie sleeps? With a dagger/knife in his hand, that is until he marries Claire and discovers the benefits of a “softer” weapon. However, I also accepted on his back like a body laid out for viewing. As a self confessed “bed wonker” sleeping perfectly still on your back is peculiar, says Kellan. I also gave credit for his unique ability to smile while sleeping, if he was touched by Claire. Jenny theorized that he was happy, since he did it as a child.

3. Describe the incident that prompts Jamie and Mackenzies to teach Claire how to use a knife? Jamie, Claire and the Mackenzies were camped on the southern end of Mackenzie lands. They were sitting around the fire telling stories when they were attacked by Malcom Grant and his boys on a raid He’s apparently still sour about the whole Ellen Mackenzie thing. Jamie dumped her in a outcropping of rocks and under a bush – during the raid where she was pretty much defenseless. The next day Ned Gowan found the knife Jamie had given Claire and she said she basically didn’t know what to do with it if the time came.

4. What does Rupert tell Claire to do when she strikes a bone when attempting to stab someone? Shoot ’em with your pistol. Our multi-lingual friend Morven found her answer: “Draw your pistol with your left hand and shoot the bastard (or something alike, translated from my Norwegian copy of the book.)

5. Describe the two best ways to stab someone with a dirk

A. Just under the breast bone – if ye are killin’ face-to-face. Aim straight up and in as hard as ye can. It goes to the heart and kills wi’in a minute or two.

B. In the back, under the lower rib on the right. Try to slip the knife between the ribs, that’s one under the last rib, ye stab upward into the kidney. Get him straight up and he’ll drop like a stone.

6. What is Claire’s favorite “colorful expression” to use? Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ
Others noted that sometimes she adds a “F*@#king” in there. Later in the series she is reported to exclaim “Jesus Christ on a Piece of Toast.”

7. How did lowlander Ned Gowan end up being a solicitor for Colum Mackenzie?
Ned left Edinburgh to journey into the Highlands for adventure. He met Jacob Mackenzie, Colum’s father, when Jacob tried to rob him. He insisted on accompanying him as Jacob tried to take off with his horse and other belongs.

8. Who is Hamish Mackenzie’s real father (aka sperm donor)? Dougal MackenzieThe disease Colum suffers from renders him impotent. Dougal, obviously, is quite virile. Muire Beauchamp notes “He got around, didn’t he?”Nemetoma said “He does put it about doesn’t he !!”

9. Why does Jamie beat Claire? When Claire wandered off when Jamie had instructed her to stay in a protected copse until he returned for her. She tried to escape, and was caught by two English soldiers. Claire’s actions could have gotten all of them killed. Jamie wanted to fully understand that actions can have dire consequences of life and death. A man who did what Claire had done and endangered everyone would have flogged, had his ears cropped if not outright killed. Plus it was also a matter of justice. The Mackenzie’s had been wronged and Claire needed to pay for that. As her husband, Jamie had to do the duty or lose respect.

10. Describe Jamie’s brooch he uses to attach his plaid. I accepted running stag brooch or circular silver brooch. Frank describes the spirit that he encounters in Inverness wearing a “beautiful” running stag brooch. Ros questioned the organization of the words: “A running stag brooch, that would a brooch with a running stag on it. Or a stag that is running or . . .”

Edited to add an additional answer to question 2. I accepted three answers, but only included two in the original version of the post.


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