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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Higland Games Round 5 Winners

We have lots of names in the hand-knit felted cloche drawing. this week! A total of 19, to be exact.

Those included in the drawing:
Siusan (knittingalone), Nemetoma (tandemsandy), Shaylee (soniacollen), Elspeth (Georgethegirl), Morven (BessE) and Murron (lovestoknit) of Clan Beauchamp; Sassenach (Sassenach), Jocasta Walkley (Anne) and Morgana (cluxewe) of Clan Fraser; Catrionia (Neila), Mordag Elsbeth McLean (abitknottie) Fenella (knitpickins), Rhona (Rahrini) and Kinley (Rehnbo) of Clan Mackenzie; Joan (Vivian5), Ros (Margeco), Latharna (cabrita) and Marsali (mommaowie) of Clan Murray.

I was running a bit behind tonight so that’s the reason why Ian drew the name out of the cloche in the between pages of “Cinderella.” He picked Ros (Margeco) of Clan Murray. She earns an additional 5 points for her clan.

Round 5 Clan Standings:
Beauchamp: 81
Fraser: 36
Mackenzie: 69
Murray: 82

Total Clan Standings After 5 Rounds:

Beauchamp: 390
Fraser: 257
Mackenzie: 309
Murray: 370

Additional awards: (for bragging rights)

Early Bird Award: Siusan of Clan Beauchamp. She submitted her answers first. Her e-mail was dated 1:54 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 9.

Sneaker Award: Elspeth Beauchamp and Joan of Clan Murray tied for this honor. They submitted their answers last. Their e-mail was dated at 10:07 p.m. Oct. 14, that means they had 53 minutes to spare.

23 of 36 participated in Highland Games Round 3, that’s 64 percent (Remember the clan chieftans are excluded from playing. We organize, you play. Except for the Chieftess Challenge, which will be posted shortly after Kellan receives the results.)
19 people got every question right or 83 percent of those who participated.
Clan Beauchamp had 77 percent or 7 of 9 members participate, earning 81 points
Clan Fraser had 33 percent or 3 of 9 members participate, earning 36 points
Clan Mackenzie had 66 percent or 6 of 9 members participate, earning 69 points
Clan Murray had 77 percent or 7 of 9 members participate, earning 82 points

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Round 6 is the last round we’ve got scheduled in the Highland Games. If you like to play another four rounds (which takes us right to the end of the swap), or if you want to end it now, tell me in the comments.



Julie said...

I'd love to go another four rounds! I don't want the fun to end.

Vivian said...

Me too, I'll go four more. I can do it, I can do it.

I'll even try and not win the sneaker award every week.

Anne said...

I'd love to keep going!

A Little Knottie said...

Yes, I love the mini challenges. Should I continue with the Chieftess Challenges? I was planning on at least 2 more.

Meaghan said...

I'd love to keep seeing them too even though I can't participate...and I'm loving my challenges to let's keep them going as well!

Jenny Murray

Cinnamonamon said...

I think it would be fun to keep going, but what if ya'll did some of the challenges like the chieftess ones? Instead of straight trivia, I mean. I'd be willing to help with at least one. :)

MommaOwie said...

I would love more rounds too... and wouldnt be opposed to something besides trivia... as long as we still have the week to get it done. I would do poorly with a timed challenge since I chase kids all day and can only get to the computer in the odd free moment.

Catrionia said...

Yes, please tax my brain some more!! Pain is good..pain is good...