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Outlandish Swap V: The Fiery Cross

Scottish clans were originally a Highland way of life. The Highland clan was, above all things, a family; a family in which everybody believed they were all, from chief to blacksmith, descended from one founder or progenitor. They regarded themselves as very close kinsmen. This Swap is dedicated to such clan families and will be organized into four clans.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lasses ~ I was so happy to see how much everyone enjoyed the challenges this week! I fear the sweet wee Fraser laddies will have a tough time picking from so many names.

There were 45 lasses eligible to play, (Clan Murray issued the challenge so we couldna play) and out of that group, 25 of you rose up to the challenge we issued. 21 of those 25 earned enough points for a perfect score. Braw job, lasses!

The answers:


Most of you did not try the cryptograms, so I will give you those first.
1) You’ll have a turn at the pole yourself before long ~ and I expect ye’ll have us in Cross Creek before nightfall, aye? This was Jamie speaking to Ian.

2) God kens best what will happen to the lad; if he's not shot or knocked on the head in some tavern, he'll likely come home wi' an ostrich he's won at faro next. Jamie to Claire pondering what they will do with wee Ian.

3) After what we've done for ye, ye'll rob and spoil us, lay violent hands upon my aunt and my dog, and then ye'll ha' the gall to speak of repayment? Ian to Bonnet after they were robbed. (I wonder how Claire likes being lumped in with Rollo. At least she was mentioned first.)

This is one of my favorite party games! We are given a word(phrase) and we write down the word(phrase) that is the closest to it.
Alagruous ~ woebegone
Basia Mille ~ 1000 Kisses
Caisteal Dhuni ~ A Mhor-fhaiche (both battle cries of Clan Fraser. Most of you picked Clan Motto and told me it wasn't a motto, but a battle cry.
Duine Uasal ~ gentleman (a man of worth)
Munro bagging ~ mountain climbing (climbing specific mountians ~ over 3,000 feet)
Sedulous ~ Diligent

And finally, MARSALI or Bust
M~ Mulberry Leaves, Milk, Moist crumbs, mushrooms, Mashed tobacco residue, Mutton, Meat
A~ Apples, Aspic, Amber nectar
R~ Rings, Ragout, roots, roasted peanuts, Roe
S~ Salt, Scotch, Shortbread, Salt beef, Soda, Sardines, Soused hog's face, Spiced crabs
L~ Lard, Lobster, lagavulin, Lemon
I~ Insects, Ian (threatened to be turned into fishbait), Italian, Invertebrate (octopus on a stick), Ichthys, (Greek for fish - Jamie loved his Greek) In aspic, Ices
M~ Memories, misgivings, Mud, Money, water Moccasins, Seatbelt (when you want to kiss your lass), Mad March to glory, Mosquitoes, Miles of wilderness, Midges
A~ Alligator, Joe Abernathy (tried to keep Roger from hurting Bree),Alarm clock, Appearance, Atlantic, Aloysius (as an obstacle to the name Germaine, if Marsali had her way!), awkwardness, broken Axles,
R~ Revolver, rumpled bedclothes (in Bree's way as she is talking to Roger on the phone), Roads (washed away by storms), Rings, Rascals, Rising, River, Rubies, RCA (as in the tv that almost didn't work), Rope, Regulators, Religion, Rollo, Roberts the robber
S~ Sturgeon, Stephen Bonnet (enough said), Saplings, Sapphire, beard Stubble, Swamp, Secrets, Sailors, stray children and luggage carts, Sale of stones, surgery w/o anesthesia, Stuart Rising
L~ Latin conjunction, Laoghaire (keeping Jamie out of Scotland), Loss, Love, Line of Cars, Loyalty oath, Lawlessness, living as a farmer with a hook arm -Fergus, Lack of Laborers, Lake
I~ Ian (his presence is an obstacle to privacy), Inuinal hernia, Interruptions, Ian's thick head (an obstacle for Jamie - or thick heid), Indians
M~ John Quincy Myers, Marsali, Mary,Mackay, Mama (Claire), Mary Oliphant,
A~ Ambrose MacKenzie, Auntie (Claire or Jocasta), Abernathy, Neil Armstrong,
R~ Roger Mac, Reverend Wakefield, Dr. Daniel Rawlings, Red Jacob,
S~ Charles Stuart, Sister Marie Romaine, Sassenach, Sonnini Stanhope,
L~ John Lennon, Lenny Abernathy, Lindsay, Laoghaire, Bill Livingston
I~ Ian, Duncan Innes,
M~ Moon, Munro, mountains, Massachusetts, Montrose, Mission Control
A~ Airport, Apartment, Atlantic, America, Aberfeldy, Apothecary, Amherst
R~ River Run, River,
S~ Scotland, Sailors Rest, Sherrifmuir, South Carolina, shipping dock
L~ Lillington's stables, Lallybroch, Loche Linnhe, Loch Lomond, London, Lunar surface, Leoch
I~ Inverness, Indies
M~ Morbid sore throat (transpoted Old Hector to his rest), Mustang, Mule
A~ Automobiles, Apollo 11, Airport (transportaion hub), Ambulance, Airplane, airline seat
R~ Rocket Ships, River boat, roads, Raft, Running
S~ Ships, Sally Ann, Sea, Scull, Stone Circle, Spaceship, Skin
L~ Ladder, Light (calling of clans), Learning (and influence - my mother would love this one!), Legs, Lunar Lander, Leapt
I~ Inhuman embrace of reptile transporting one to position of rank and riches, In Claire's pocket (acupuncture needles), Illness, Inutero (Germaine), Incoming tide, Ingenuity

There were 10 of you that submitted perfect responses early enough to get that extra point: Eilis (also our Early Bird getting her answer in first at 10:14 am on 6/18) and Muirne of clan Beauchamp, Nannag and Bourgogne of Clan Fraser, Seonag, Eadgyth, Ceanna, Ide, Catrionia Duncan and Catriona all of Clan MacKenzie (Yes, 6 bonnie lasses from Clan MacKenzie!)

The other names in the 'hat' for perfect scores are: Caroline, Elspeth, Isobel, Morven and Ealasaid of Clan Beauchamp, Fiona, Jocasta Walkley, Vika and Jeannette of Clan Fraser and Mrs Fitz and Kinley of Clan MacKenzie.

Our Sneaker award goes to Kinley of Clan MacKenzie, who submitted her answers 8 minutes before the bell of midnight.

There is a special award going to Catriona Duncan, and it is a dubious honor to be sure. She gets the Balderdash Award, which might be the equivalent Most likely to become next Games Chieftess; She is the only one who answered all of the Balderdash questions correctly, or more importantly, the only one who knew that A Mhor-fhaiche is also the Fraser clan battle cry. Mayhap she's heard it a time or two. You have earned an extra point for your slyness!

The Score:
Beauchamp:103 + 2 bonus + 1 Earlybird = 106
Fraser: 75 + 2 bonus = 77
MacKenzie: 88 + 7 bonus + 1 sneaker = 96

Respectfully submitted,

Mordag Murray

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